Excuse me, while I break out in tears. 7 MONTHS! It's been an incredible 7 months and I can't believe the first fan-fiction I've ever written is over...

I wanted to dedicate this to Elizabeth:) because [I know I say this a lot of times] she's the reason why I am where I am right now. And like what I've said, my intentions for writing this book was only to get like 300 reads on it. I never in my life, would ever expect to get almost 200,000 reads!! Even in 7 months!! She's an amazing writer, and is truly my inspiration when I write. -Nikki :')

(P.S I re-wrote this over like 5 times. I know its not the best chapter, but I hope you guys still like it)                           


                                          Payton's P.O.V

As I walk along an unfamiliar pathway, the sudden autumn breeze brushes onto my skin. It's cold and gloomy, something California would never be during this season. With my suitcase rolling besides me, the only thing I took with me in fact, there was no guarantee I would be able to make it before daylight-broke. My stomach grumbled, for the last thing I ate was on the flight here. So, no matter how much I tried to keep moving forward, my body just wouldn't take no for an answer anymore. Fortunately for my sake, there was a familiar looking restaurant just a couple of blocks down. Nandos.

The restaurant's warmth hugged my tiny body comfortably, as I slid down the booth with a menu in hand. No wonder Niall liked this place so much! Eyes widened in excitement, scanning every meal. When I was ready to order, my mouth opened. But instead of my voice, it was someone else's'. And by the sound of her heels clacking against the wooden floor boards, I knew this was someone I knew already. 

"Payton?!" Jane's voice shrieked approaching my direction. Last time I'd seen her was during the party, short black bob and glossy red lips. But now! Oh lord, she changed so much!!! Her figure transformed from a skinny toothpick, to an elegant hourglass shape. Hair remained an inky black shade, but it had grown shoulder in length and curled up more. Three weeks wasn't that long enough, was it?

"The one and only." I winked, embracing my stylist into a teddy bear hug.

"What's a suburban girl like you, doing in the crowded city of Manchester!?" she questioned, bombarding me with a few other questions so after. So that's when I told her everything, as she invited me to eat in her table. From Jerry's secret offer to help produce my music, to the promise that if I came here and accepted his offer, none of the guys would know. 

"So that's pretty much why I'm here." I sighed, realizing that this was a pretty big risk I was taking. "For now I'm staying at a hotel, not too far away from here, until Jerry and I can find a place for me to permanently rest my head. Then tomorrow ,there's manager scouting and a meeting with some recording company.."

"Woah! What happened to the old Payton?" Jane playfully gasped, resting her cheek on the base of her palm. "You sound so grown up now darling! It's like you're a whole different person now!"

I chuckled at her words. "Not entirely." I assured. "It's just... During the tour my mind was all set on pleasing the guys, being a mother to five. And then there was the whole Niall situation, and us um.. breaking-up." my voice paused, recovering my train of thought. "Well, so the point is: When all this began happening, I had completely forgotten what I came here for. And that was too be my own self, to do my own thing."