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Pen Your Pride

chapter 2

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On my way home I couldn't help but feel guilty. I'm scare of what going to happen when I tell them I can't go. My dad probably going to give me the cold shoulder but the hurt and disappointment in his eyes would tell it all. My mom's death glare would kill me 1,000 times over. But in the end I'll still be in the wrong.

I wonder why Mr. Brooks put me with the worst pair. He knows they never do any work so why would they start now? It seems as if he wants me to fail.

In my own world I didn't realize I was in front of my home and it was 5:58 2 minutes before dinner great. I don't think i can hold this in until the end of the night. My mom calls out dinner is ready wash your hands and come down stairs. so cliché I know but that's what my mom wants and what she wants she gets.

we all come down stairs and the tension at the table is so thick I can slice through it with a knife or was it just me . i'm not particularly hungry so i scrap my peas around on my plate . My dad asks aren't you happy where leaving tomorrow for the trip. It was now our never and I spilled the beans and just like I said the hurt flashed through his eyes. but why he stuttered on the verge of tears. I have a group book report due, i'm really sorry dad . My bother looked at me with confusion while my mom looked at me with a disappointed glare. I put my head down may i be excused i asked my mom she nodded her head .

I fell asleep reading the book.

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