~Chapter Ten~

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[Carrington Enterprises Conference Room]

"I agree with Shayne, I like his ideas for getting this company back on top.
I feel that not only can we be competitive with Winthrop Oil, and our other competition. But we can be innovators with the talent we have on our side."
Mr. Thatcher practically jumped across the conference table, extending his
hand to shake mine.

Grey swiveled in his chair, to capture everyone in his sight, "I wholeheartedly
agree. A job well done! You and Sabine have been working on this project all
month. You eat, drink, and sleep Carrington Enterprises. I can't thank you, enough. Your efforts are paying off and you are an amazing CFO. The two of you make a great team."

"Let's get this plan underway as soon as possible. I don't want Philip Winthrop getting wind of our new strategy." Colton voiced immediately.

"He's right! I don't trust any of the Winthrops after what Jagger did to Bianca. Now his father has been trying to bankrupt our company." Colin added from personal experience.

Brody rubbed his tired eyes, "The Winthrops are in for a rude awakening. They are up against a house built on a solid foundation, that can withstand a lot of storms." He smiled to himself at his own witty statement.

Then Kendall, Andrea, Sheila, and Bianca added their words of wisdom. All of the Board Members had a say. The London group had a wealth of knowledge, and insights that they shared. It was the best meeting we've had so far.

My thoughts kept drifting back to my beautiful, dark haired, and dark eyed assistant. I was trying my best to focus at this meeting, but couldn't help wondering about Sabine's dinner date with Skyler.

Why is this happening to me, of all people? I'm not looking to get tied down in any relationship. But, yet. . .

I couldn't believe this sharp tongued, feisty woman, broke through my defenses, and affected me, so profoundly. I have been content by myself all of these years, until her.

My fingers itched to call, or text her, but I resisted. She's a big girl, she'll be fine with Sky. I don't know why, but I do not like that name!



Skyler picked me up at 7 pm on the dot. Our dinner reservations were for 7:30 pm. We drove in a wall of silence, with only the radio playing on a smooth jazz station. We zipped into a parking space. Skyler got out and came to open my car door. Strike one, no butterflies.

We walked into my favorite Mexican restaurant and were seated quickly. Our hostess, handed us our menus and apologized, "Sorry if it's a little noisy tonight. There is some type of Business function going on, on the other side of the restaurant. I think it's Carrington Enterprises?"

I gulped down a huge knot in my throat, "I wonder why my workmates are here? No one sent me the memo."

"That's strange." Was all Skyler had to say, and he started looking over the menu nonchalantly.

I held my phone under the table, and sent a text message to Shayne.

Sabine ~ Hey, are you here at the Mexican restaurant?

Shayne ~ Oh, is that where he took you to dinner? I didn't want to be nosy, and ask where you two were going.

Sabine ~ You didn't answer my question. . .

Shayne ~ Yes, I'm here with Colin, Bianca, my cousins, their wives, and the rest of the Board Members. We're celebrating our financial accomplishments. And looking forward to being a top contender, again.

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