Get Ready, Get Set...

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                                One Week Later

If I could've, I'd have my outfit for the concert laid out on my bed since I came home last night. But if Mama walked into my room she'd wonder why I had some clothes that she doesn't remember buying me on my bed. 

So instead, I kept them at the very back of my closet, where my mother or anyone else wouldn't see. 

When I got home after dropping Camilla off at her house, I made sure to go to sleep really early so that I'd wake up early the next day. And I did. I just woke up when it was 7:30 AM, which was five minutes ago.

I washed up and changed into dress clothes quickly. I packed a bag full of things I'd need--toothbrush, toothpaste, washcloth, bottles of water, phone, my outfit, hairbrush, makeup, my iPod (I wanted to get it autographed by Tyga) and my camera. Camilla said she'd bring other things I left out, and we'd both bring all the cash we could get. I had the bag I was using, a huge track bag, slung over my shoulder and was about to jot down a note to Mama telling her that I had to do something urgent at Camilla's house when I remembered the ticket and backstage pass.

It was supposed to be in my jewelry box. But when I checked there, all I saw was rings, bracelets and necklaces. I was frantically opening and closing drawers, searching literally everywhere in my room, when Keron opened the door.

"Don't freak out just yet," he said, "I've got them."

I turned around to look at him. He had the backstage pass and the ticket in his hand. I reached for it, but he pulled away.

"Give it here, Keron. I'm not playing with you." I said sternly. He smiled.

"I'll give them to you, but only if you do something for me--get this CD autographed for me." He said, taking out a Tyga CD from his pajama pants' pocket. I rolled my eyes and snatched the CD and my ticket and backstage pass. 

"Cover me while I'm gone." I said. "For now tell Mama something urgent happened at Camilla's, and I had to be there."

"I think I can make up a much better excuse." He said, rolling his  eyes. I turned off the lights in my room and closed the door. I tip-toed to the kitchen to get my car keys off of the counter. I was a little nervous about driving; I only had a learner's permit, so I only drove around my neighborhood, where I wouldn't get stopped by police. But I had to drive all the way to another part of California, without a valid driver's license. 

I said goodbye to Keron and slipped out of the door and out of our house.

The drive to Camilla's house was quick. I was on edge though, shivering whenever I heard the familiar noise of a police helicopter above me. But then I would laugh at myself, realizing that a helicopter wouldn't land in the middle of the street to ask me for license and registration.

Camilla was waiting outside of her building for me. I'd texted her on the way telling her that I was ready. She had a similar sized bag to mine, so I knew that we'd both be extra-prepared.

When she got into the car, she yelled, "Happy Birthday, Jaydi!" I laughed and thanked her.

"Oh my Gosh. You know Keron didn't even say happy birthday to me?" I told her, just realizing this. 

"Don't worry, he's a boy. Most of them, especially big brothers, aren't very sentimental." She remarked. I smiled, grateful that she always down-played situations, and we were off.

Camilla brought the map. We were on the highway and she was telling me the exits that were coming up that we had to take, and lanes I should be in to  make turns. I followed her directions while following the speed limit; I didn't need the traffic police telling me to pull over. Knowing Camilla, if that ever happened, she'd make me keep going at full-speed, starting a cop chase.

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