Chapter 20

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-Dave P.O.V-

You didn't stick around to see if Cronus was okay, you don't want to add to the list of people you care about that Bro has hurt. John is the last one, the poor guy can't even walk without limping now. You lay in bed and try not to think about Bro, you hear someone come in, but decide to ignore it.

"Dave." A familiar voice says as a hand rests on your shoulder. You feel like a nightmare just ended, like nothing bad ever happened. "Come on little man, we need to go."

"Go where? Why?" You ask looking at Bro, it feels strange to see him, like he's been gone but he'd never leave you and Dirk behind. You hear something desperately claw at the door and growl, it's feels like it's trying to protect you. Bro quickly grabs you and rushes you outside. You spot a weird cat with a green tongue, it meows at you and then begins hissing at Bro. You don't even see it move, but it somehow scratched Bro in the face, causing you to snap back to reality and run off. You quickly hide, knowing there's no way you can out run him.

"Get out here Dave!" You don't budge. "Get out here you little shit! We could've been together, hell, we could've been able to change this good for nothing world, but Dirk just had to ruin it!" He, he's the reason Dirk's like this? "I had to take him instead of you! It's his fault! He should've stayed out of it!" He tore our family apart for some cult, he took away everything Dirk ever had, including humanity, and he expects you to still trust him? Well, of course not, you're pretty sure he fucked up your head to kidnap you. You sneak away from the scene through the alleyways. You find the cat again. Just chilling on a garbage can.

"Hey, thanks dude. I'm not sure how you did that, but thanks." Someone starts going towards you, thankfully, it isn't Bro.

"Don't give him too much praise, he'll take it as an invitation to starts stealing food from your house." The stranger laughs a bit, petting the cat. "I'm Tavros, this is Gcat, and you're welcome. You should really be more careful at night, more and more people are disappearing recently."

"Thanks, I'll keep that in mind." You pet Gcat, god that's a weird name. "It's Dave, Dave Strider."

"Yeah, I uh, kinda heard." You hear someone say the word honk behind the dumpster. You say goodbye to Tavros and head home. Man, Dirk is never going to let you leave the house ever again.

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