Puppy- Merome

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I know it's short..... but it's fluff, have something nice for a change.

Jerome's P.O.V.

"Jerome! Look! Puppy!" Mitch was crowded up against the glass, almost with his nose against it and was cooing at a little brown down Labrador puppy that had his paws up against the glass.

I sighed but crouched down beside him, watching as he waved to the puppy again. He had always wanted a puppy and so far we hadn't actually gotten around to getting one because we'd been so busy with YouTube and the travelling around in recent months.

I squeezed one of his hands and he turned his head towards me with his eyes wide.

"I think it's about time we got a dog." Mitch's eyes widened and he threw his arms around me.

"Thank you! Thank you, thank you, thank you!" I could feel him jumping up and down in my arms like a small child, his hair bobbing in excitement.

I pulled away gently and took his hand again, leading him into the pet shop where we could learn more about adopting the little dog. He was nothing more than a puppy, maybe a few months old at the most and a beautiful little thing, probably expensive too if he was purebred.

A lady approached us with a smile and I nodded to her, pulling Mitch's attention from the puppy behind us at the window to us. The lady laughed.

"From your reaction I assume you're looking for a dog?" I nodded.

"We were looking at the chocolate lab puppy."

"Okay, just so you know he's just gone 3 months old, so he's very young and not really trained...." I nodded.

"I know, I've looked after puppies before."


"Mitch?" I glanced around the corner and smiled, seeing Mitch crouched down beside the glass door with his hand out to the little puppy, who was bounding around and yapping in his high pitched voice.

He only looked up when I walked closer and then back down at the little puppy, who he had christened Olly after one of his childhood dogs who had died after fighting cancer.

I leaned down and whistled for Olly, who skidded around on the wooden floor before crashing into my legs, still barking and yelping in his high pitched yap. I laughed and picked him up, bouncing him a couple of times before placing him back on the floor.

We might have only had Olly for a couple of days but Mitch had already fallen head over heels for the tiny puppy, almost never letting the tiny thing out of his sight. He had already made a video about Olly, introducing him to his viewers and sharing him with the world.

"Come on, dinner Mitch." He sighed but followed me into the dining room, being trailed by a still bouncing puppy.

Olly had become stuck to Mitch like glue and followed him everywhere, sitting in his office when he was recording, sitting outside the door every time he went to the bathroom and sitting under the table at every meal.

He wasn't as attached to me but did follow me around whenever Mitch was out and trailing around the house sadly whenever we couldn't let him out because of the weather, as it had rained over the past few days, or when we were busy.

"Olly!" Mitch shrieked, he was lying on the floor and Olly was attacking his face with his tounge and covering him in slobber, causing Mitch to shriek again.

I laughed, picking up Olly and setting him down somewhere else, before helping Mitch to his feet and letting him sit down beside me on the couch. It didn't take long before Olly decided to hop up beside us, settling down on Mitch's lap.

"There you go, you got a puppy." Mitch grinned to himself, scratching Olly behind his ear. "Just like I promised."

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