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Nico opened her eyes and then very quickly closed them, wincing from the bright white light. Gently raising her hand over her eyes to diffuse the light, she tried again. She squinted as her eyes adjusted and began to slowly examine the environment around her, quickly finding it to be much smaller than she'd expected, as well as lacking in color. This was nothing compared to the vast, vibrant ocean she used to explore everyday with...

She tried to stop her train of thought, but it was too late. Her heart began to ache as she thought about Zach. She had to get out of this place. Still in a daze, she slowly swam towards the dull gray wall, but she stopped short as she slammed into an invisible wall, headfirst. Wincing and rubbing a hand along the tender spot on her forehead, she tried to inspect this magical barrier. Her free hand reached out in front of her until it hit the same barrier that her face had run into just moments earlier.

"What in Neptune's name is this? I didn't know that humans possessed magic like this," she said aloud, even though she knew already that there was no one around to hear, much less answer her question. She glanced around once, taking in the environment surrounding her. Immediately she began to ache for the bright colored fish she'd taken for granted everyday. The realization suddenly struck her that she'd taken everything for granted, her whole life even, and now it was gone. She thought about attempting to find a way to break the invisible barrier that held her in, but then where would she go from there? She slowly sank down into the sand beneath her, an overwhelming urge to scream or to cry overtaking her at the same time, with neither urge even coming to fruition. Thinking back to the boat she'd been dragged aboard earlier, she thought about her parents who she'd seen get captured and drug onboard as well. They must be somewhere nearby, right? But then she dared to think, what if they weren't here? What if she was all alone? After all, she couldn't see anyone else inside this small room. Would she be left here to rot? Help, she realized, was most likely not coming. She got up, determination burning like a fire in her eyes. Setting her palm against the invisible barrier, she willed the water around it to freeze, hoping it might at least weaken the barrier. She inhaled sharply and swiftly pulled her hand from the barrier, clenching it with the other hand and inspecting it as her brows drew together. What was happening? Why couldn't she use her powers? She turned around and gently held her hands out in front of her, instructing the water to listen to her command through her powers in the same way that she'd always been taught to use them, but nothing happened. None of the water froze. It barely even stirred. Clearly her situation was a whole lot worse than she'd anticipated. With determination still burning within her, she turned and began to beat her tail against the barrier, over and over, using all of the strength she could muster. This continued for what felt like an eternity, each of her strokes only becoming weaker as she began to use up all of her energy. Breathing heavily, she let her tail sink and graze the sand. Her fists pounded heavily against the barrier before she relented and sunk back down into the sand, but this time, uncontrollable sobs broke loose, with no sign as to when they'd stop.

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