03 | the confrontation

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chapter three | the confrontation


      -I am a sentient, and this is my creed

      Sentients are known for their resilience in mind and body, their unwavering will and their firm allegiance to the creed.

      Before he was assigned to him, Jonah was all of those things and more. He was cruel and intelligent, honest and brave, sharp and clever - it was no wonder why he was the best Sentient spy in the field, despite being a Tier 2.

      At Tier 1, Jonah could remember his name being whispered at the Academy. When his footsteps would pass by the hallways, he would often hear the phrase on the edge of their lips,

      Jonah Baxter, Tier 1, he stood toe to toe against that Tier 1 Sentinel at the Equinox Olympics! He lost at the last minute, but it was a fair battle!

      It's always been about him and the Games and that Tier 1 Sentinel, no one even wondered why he rarely spoke, nor why he rarely smiled. To the eyes of many, Jonah was the Tier 1 prodigy, the Sentient that was meant to transcend beyond the scopes of their customs.

       At Tier 2, Jonah received his first Class A mission - and class A's weren't supposed to be given to the first 3 Tiers, because they could get them killed. But Jonah knew why he was chosen among all the 6 Tiers in the Academy, he didn't need to be told twice.

       "It's a simple mission Baxter, but it's the deadliest and most important mission in the history of Sentients,"

       Jonah would remember these words before he laid his eyes on him, before he felt the kindness encompass his heart.

      "Do everything that you can to persuade the Child of the prophecy Jonah, under no means can you ever let the Sentinels get to his head."

      Jonah had watched the headmaster's face harden, and despite his calm demeanor, he could see the urgency behind those intelligent eyes.

      "Consider it done."

      Now, under the dark embrace of the night, Jonah is haunted with phantom voices and phantom promises. Both of which defined his core worth as a Sentient, both of which he has broken time and time again, because he was immune to all deadly threats in the world - except the boy with the kind heart and the beautiful smile.

      Perched against the highest branch of a tree, Jonah watched the door to the bakery open, his eyes fixated on the person who came out. His hair was unruly and bits of flour were stuck to his pants, despite this, he wore the biggest smile he had ever seen today. Jonah swallowed the lump on his throat.

     "Thank you for everything Mrs. Thinbald."

      Jonah listened intently as he leaned against the trunk, swirling the silver blade against the splays of his fingers. He found that smile the most difficult threat to subdue.

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