02 | brownwood central bakery

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chapter two | brownwood central bakery


SYE FINDS HIMSELF breathing hard in the school's parking lot moments later. It was 4 in the afternoon and he was thankful that the parking lot was devoid of people, or else they would have had looked at him strangely.

He struggled to catch his breath everytime the memory of his glowing eyes resurfaced.

His eyes. His pupils.

Sye had healed himself several times before. He had tampered several minds before. Yet he could recall no instances in which his eyes glowed an otherworldly color of Blue.

So Blue it had swallowed both eyes like the Ocean's wrath against the shore.

"Oh my god-" Sye shrieked, panicking yet again as the memory of his eyes refused to leave his mind. The worse part of it was his obvious lack of power control, afterall he nearly fractured Mrs. O'brien's mindscape into smithereens.

"-oh my god!"

He scrambled towards the nearest car he could find - a familiar sleek Silver Porsche - and fiddled around the side mirrors until he could see his reflection.

His eyes were still Blue. Circling around the orbs like a cloud bearing thunderstorm. The strange part of it all was how Sye could see no blotches of Cobalt in his peripheral.

"Hell no," he breathed out, feeling the rise of his blood flow. He furiously rubbed his eyes again and again - as if the movement could somehow cure his entire dilemma - but he only ended up with an aching eye.

"Go away," he whined, knees buckling and fingers quaking, "no, no, no, no!"


He froze mid-gesture, mouth hanging wide and his fingers nearly touching his eyes. Sye could see in the reflection, the tall stature of a man behind him, before he had shut his eyes tight in fear of being exposed.

Of all people who could have found him being a total freak, it had to be-

"Hi J-Jonah," Sye laughed shakily, breathing out a nervous pant, "What are you doing here?"

He tried to play it cool and casual infront of his major crush, but how was he supposed to act collected when Jonah Baxter had literally witnessed his display of insanity.

"What am I doing here?" Jonah repeated with a hint of amusement, and despite having his eyes closed, Sye could picture out the way the jock's arms have folded across his chest, a hint of a smirk stretched out on his lips, "This is my car Mckenzie."

And then he produced a throaty chuckle which melted Sye's ability to think properly. For a minute, Sye had forgotten the crisis at hand, and how he must have probably looked like a fool infront of his crush because-

Jonah Baxter knows my complete name! He knows my complete name!

He could have been a puddle of human mush at this moment, liquified at the mercy of the great Jonah Baxter.

"Oh uhm, I'm sorry-" he giggled quietly, mentally face palming but also feeling giddy enough he could do a cartwheel in the middle of the lot, "I didn't realize it was your car."

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