°flashbacks pt2°

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(a/n taekook and junghope)
Warning: self harm

Hobi pov

I told jimin I was just gonna find a vending machine but the truth is I just didn't want to cry in front of him.

For the most part the creepy off white hospital halls were empty besides the occasional half awake Inturn or the still busy working nurse's wearing the classic nurse light blue color.

I wondered to an empty hall way and slowly slid down the wall and started crying.

It didn't make any sense. Why, why would this happen to such an amazing person.

I hid my head in my knees which I pulled up to my chest like a little kid would do and let all my tears fall.

I missed him so much. Sure it has only been 5hours since I saw him. Sure I've gone 2 weeks with out seeing him but I had never been so close yet so far from him. He was only rooms away yet I knew nothing.

And that drained the last bit of sunlight out of my body.

Flashback third pov

"Okay don't stay to late you two dinner will be ready in 2 hours I expect you both to be home and for jungkook to still be a virgin." Jin said death glaring at hobi before turning to jungkook and giving him a warm smile.

"Don't over work yourself kookie byeee~" Jin sang before leaving jungkook in the practice room well hobi walked jin out to the van.

You see they were about to have their next come back and Jungkook wanted to do perfect for his armys who always stood with him and new international armys they recently gained since billboard.

And jungkook did not feel good about his performance in the new choro for their new song 'DNA'. Even though he was doing amazing he didn't see it that way and no one could change his mind.

So instead of doing pointless praising they just let him stay 2 hours after practice and have Hobi their to 'help him' . But he was mainly their to make sure jungkook didn't pass out again. One of the first times he stayed back alone he passed out and almost gave the member's a heart attack. That was with the I need u choro. Since then they had Hobi and sometimes jimin stay with him.

Hobi just walked back from walking Jin out and Jungkook was already doing the chores part of the choreography. Hobi shook his head before turning off the raido.

"Ahhh jungkook-ah why don't you drink some water first or sit down we just finished a 12 hour practice 10 minutes ago."

Jungkook have him a death glare and walked over to the radio which hobis hand still was placed over.

"Move your hand hyung" Jungkook said with an angry expression.

''Jungkookie you know I'd usually tend to play along with the 'I'll help you get better and let you work your butt off' but you were just sick a few days ago so please at least rest a little then I'll help you because you really need it'' Hobi said taking his hand off hoping Jungkook would listen to him.

But nope. Jungkook pressed the play button and walked back to the middle of the room. And waited for namjoons part to end.

"Aish this kid" Hobi said to himself watching jungkook dance his chorus part.

About 3 times after repeating the song jungkook was still unpleased with himself. He started again ignoring hoseoks pleads for him to stop.

Left foot right turn jump and "ARGH" The younger yelled out in pain.(a/n idk I didn't want to look at the dance so deal with them fake steps)

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