He rubbed my thigh then pulled out a knife. 

I closed my eyes and did the quickest prayer known to man, lord help me. 

He put the knife to my neck and smiled when he saw the fear in my eyes. I was to young to die. I leaned back in the chair trying to make it fall backwards.He held the chair and pressed the knife harder against my skin any more force and it would have pierced threw.

Hot tears rolled down my face I'm scared for my life,just when I thought it got better it got so much worse.He licked my face,then removed the knife from my neck and cut my crop top revealing my bra.He smiled to himself as he looked my body over.He forcefully grabbed my pants cutting them too. He stood over me looking at my body I was only in my bra and panties.He licked his lips and I closed my eyes tight.

It would have been better if he had just killed me.

''So tell me something yeah,Who was all those kids that went into my house yesterday?''He said.

I wasn't gon' tell him shit so I don't know why he asking.

I felt another punch to my face.

I kept my eyes close still, how the arsehole expect me to answer him if my mouth is taped.

He punched me again,my face was in tremendous pain.

''I saw you hug and kiss one of them.''He said scowling at me.

Oh this is what this is about, he was jealous of Enrique. The fucking pervert.

''Is he your boyfriend.''He said with much venom it sounded like it hurt him to say it.

I closed my eyes again.Who does this man think he is.

Another punch connected to my face.I was so surprised I didn't faint from the pain it hurt so much!

''I am so mad I didn't see the boys face I should have shot him. The little boy think he can touch you, you're mine and only mine I should be the only fucking man in your life.You get me.''He said squeezing my breast.

I leaned my head back because of the pain.It hurt bad I cried.

''Why is it that your crying,doesn't it feel good you probably let your boy touch you up a few times.'' he said into my ear grabbing my thigh rubbing it up and down.

He should have killed me.

I closed my eyes tight.

This can't be happening again I thought this was over three months ago.

He punched me again and I could feel my nose start to bleed.He kicked me in my stomach making the chair fall backwards and me hitting my head on the floor.

I was in pain.

He kicked me again in the stomach.

He picked up the chair and smiled at me.

''I'm sorry babe you just got me so mad.''He said kissing my cheek.

He was out of his mind!

He rubbed and squeezed my thigh then yanked my hair out of no where!

He chuckled the bit my boob hard,then sucked on that spot.

The door opened behind him and he jumped up to see who it was.My cries for help was muffled by the tape,tears rolling down my face I couldn't see who the boy was.

''What the fuck are you doing here ?''He asked the person that just came in.

''Just came to do a errand for the boss,what are you doing here and who that is.''The boy said his voice was familiar to me.

''Mind your business and handle yo business.''Leon Spit.

Leon moved out of the way a little and I could see who it was.I started crying and screaming more. It was Dot when he noticed me his eyes wided.

''Do you know her.''Leon said raising an eye brow at Dot.

''No.''Dot said slowly.

''Okay.''Leon turned around and kissed my cheek.

''Baby if you have been misbehaving and fucking all these boys I will kill you,Now tell me do you know my young friend here.''He said touching my breast.

I closed my eyes tight because of the pain,I opened it and looked at Dot he was in total shock but on the outside he was totally calm. I shook my head No  and Leon smiled at me.

''Aw that is so good to know! Not get on with what you were doing young buck.''He said to Dot then slapped me.

More tears.

Dot gave me one last glance and pulled out his phone and hurriedly went out of the room.

"Look at me. I want all your attention as I explore your body."He said grabbing my face to look at him.

Why didn't I just kill myself a while back.


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