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Ethan's pov

I got in bed with her . She turned and wrapped her arms around me . The foreign yet familiar feeling of her holding onto me went through my body . I held her tight not want this moment to end. She's my baby , my princess , the girl I put my eyes on the first time I met her . I don't want her to shed any more tears she's too pretty to cry .

"Ethan come back I miss you ." She was sleep talking.

"I miss you Ethan ." She said . Tears fell out of her eyes even if they were closed .

"Call me your princess I love it it makes me feel pretty." She says .

"I love you my beautiful princess ." I whispered in her ear .

The tears stopped falling she held me tight . I wish we could be like this everyday.

"Don't leave me Ethan ." She said .

"I wish could stay but I have to go ." I whispered.

Her grip got tighter. I felt warmer . I felt sad .

"I miss your kissies ." She said which caused me to think about our memories together.

"Why did you have to leave me I miss you ." I muttered under my breath .

I got out of the bed once she let go of me . I took one last look at her . Before I walked out the room .

"I fucking miss her like hell Gray promise me you will take care of her for me protect her from pain . I want her to be happy ." I told Grayson.

"I promise Ethan ." He said giving me a bro hug .

"Give this to her ." I said handing him a small box .

"She's going to be ok , I want you to be ok too." He said before I walked out the door .

I went out for a drive around jersey. I needed to relax calm my mind down . As I drove the memories of her and I flooded through my mind .

Flash back

Guys are you seeing this gorgeous man right here ! Ughh ! He can do anything! god I wasn't ready !" It cut off but kept recording.

She looked at me while the other one recorded . She grabbed my face and pecked my lips .

"I love you Dolan ." She said before it cut off .

I looked at her posting it on her snap my heart warmed up . She looked up at me dropped her phone pushed me on the couch and started attacking me with kisses all over my face .

"Get off of me you kissy monster!" I say trying to dodge her kisses .

"RAWR! Be scared of  the kissy monster you human !"she said making claws with her fingers .

" Ahhhh! where's the pretty girl when you need her !" I say mid laugh .

"I ate her she's gone ! Hahahahaha!"she said acting like a cute monster.

"Say hello to the tickle monster !" I tell her and begin to tickle her .

She starts to uncontrollably laugh like crazy .

"Get off of me kissy monsters don't die ." She says trying to push me off .

End of flash back

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