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Gabby just wanted to get out of the diner. "Yea. Lets go" she said trying to hurry up.

"Ok." Olivia said taken back by the quick response from the girl.

Gabby stood as did Olivia.

They were walking down the street when Olivia turned to Gabby.

"What do you like?" Olivia asked.

"Excuse me?" Gabby looked up.

"What do you do for fun?" Olivia asked. "I have a little girl who's world revolves around barbies."

Gabby looked up. "I like to play cards. Im actually quite good. All street rats are."

"Good because i have 3 decks and poker chips in my house that no one even uses." Olivia said but felt for the girl that she called her self a street rat.

"Now i have to ask you a question but don't freak out ok?" Olivia said stopping.

Gabby started "whats-" but was quickly cut off by Olivia.

"You cant wear that all the time so let me buy some clothes. Im going to anyway so either come or wait here." Olivia said walking in the store.

Gabby caught up to her. "Im only coming because i don't want you picking out some frilly dress" Gabby stomped.

When they finished shopping it had reached 12:45 and Olivia and Gabby started walking to Paisleys school.

When Gabby and Olivia walked into the school, Paisley, Ally, and Zara were waiting for Olivia.

"Crap. Todays Thursday." Olivia said reminding herself that she takes Alex and Nicks kids today.

"Hey girls! This Gabby" Olivia said looking at the three girls giving her a 'be nice look'.

"Hi its nice to meet you" Zara said walking up to Gabby.

Gabby nodded and they started walking home. Olivia and Gabby walked behind the girls. Gabby and Olivia didnt talk the whole time.

They got back to Olivia's apartment and Zara, Ally went to Paisleys room with her like always.

Gabby just stood holding her bags from the store in the hallway.

"Come in." Olivia said motioning for her to come into the living room.

Gabby just gave Olivia a blank look.

Olivia walked over to Gabby and took her hand.

She led the child into the living room.

"Here put what ever you want one" Olivia said handing the TV remote to Gabby.

Gabby put on the TV. Olivia took the rest of the day off so she started cooking them a snack.

"Why dont you go play with the girls?" Olivia asked when she saw Gabby coming up and sitting on a bar stool.

"Dunno" Gabby said flipping through pages in a magazine.

"Do you want to talk about that man today?" Olivia asked

"He was just someone i knew." Gabby said looking into space.

"I know he was more then that" Olivia said walking over to the girl.

"So" Gabby said.

"So. Let me help you. Just tell me one thing. Did he hurt you?" Olivia said seeing the girl was about to talk.

"He-" Gabby tried to say just as the three girls walked in.

Gabby saw them and quickly wiped another noticed tear.

"Do you guys wanna go get ice cream instead of soup." Olivia suggested getting bored of cooking.

"Yes!"three little screams echoed.

Olivia got her shoes on and pushed the four girls out the door.

"Ill have chocolate" Olivia ended the order.

Zara, Ally and Paisley ran ahead to the play ground while Olivia followed close behind with Gabby.

"Gabby do you wanna finish our conversation from before?" Olivia asked leaning towards the girl.

"Not really. But Ill say that man from the diner hurt me. Its okay though." Gabby said standing up.

"No.Its not okay." Olivia said sternly.

"No one. And i mean no one is allowed to touch you. Anywhere."

Gabby looked up and chuckled a bit seeing how Olivia was getting so stern over this.

Olivia smiled back realizing what she laughed about.

"I know i know, i get so serious but do you understand me?" Olivia asked and laughed.

"Yea i know. Its wrong what he does. But i rather live then be dead so i do what i have to." Gabby said making try to seem okay.

"It doesn't have to be that way" Olivia said wrinkling her nose.

"You get used to it." Gabby said with a slight cringe.

"I have been a detective for a long time and I hear people say that but i know that you don't get used to taking pictures,doing things and the other men." Olivia said putting her hand on Gabby's arm.

Gabby rolled her eyes and took a big deep breath. "The other men were the worst part."

"I can only imagine sweetie, im gald you talked some more.

"Im glad I waited for you at the precinct." Gabby said smiling.

"What do you say we talk tomorrow about this." Olivia said hoping she would.

"We'll see what tomorrow brings" Gabby said smirking.

Olivia dropped Zara and Ally off and her, Paisley and Gabby went home.

Olivia made chicken for diner and got the girls into their PJs.

"Here Gabby. You can sleep here." Olivia said taking her to spare room. It was painted tan with accents of pink. Olivia had taken Paisleys old bed spread and put it on the bed. It had a dresser which Olivia put the out fits for Gabby in as well as a large mirror.

"I hope you like it. I tried to make it look nice so you wouldn't feel scared. Im right down the hall so come get me if you need anything." Olivia said tucking the girl in bed.

"Thank you." Gabby said as Olivia turned off the light.

"For what hun?" Olivia turned facing Gabby.

"For letting me talk to you." Gabby said sitting up.

"I happy you talked because i like when you tell me what happened because then i know how to help you." Olivia said leaving.

"Good night Liv" Gabby said softly.

"Good night babes" Olivia said smiling.

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