Contest Winners!

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So, after all that suspense I put you in, we've finally reached 50k reads, which means one thing.

Contest winners!

There are three out of all that entered, and I loved ready every single one. Unfortunately, I couldn't put all in one chapter, because then it wouldn't be a contest. So here are the ones that I thought were the best!

3rd place: @Patrick_Sensei

Sally: Hey Trisha... I just got home from work.

Trisha: How was it?

Sally: It was SO stressful! My boss keeps giving me hard assignments.

Trisha: well that's rude.

Trisha: aha btw how's your little daughter?

Sally: Ah... she's probably sleeping right now but she's fine.

Sally: But the room... is not fine.

Trisha: Messy as always, isn't it?

Sally: Haha yep. Her toys are everywhere and my husband's away.

Sally: Brb I'm just gonna clean this mess

Trisha: Alright, take your time.


After 24 minutes

Sally: Hey Trish!

Sally: I'm done!

Trisha: What took you so long?!

Sally: I told you it was a mess! Her toys were scattered everywhere!

Trisha: Oh yeah right... sorry ahahaha

Sally: I just noticed that my daughter has a new creepy doll

Trisha: Oh yeah, you're afraid of dolls.

Sally: Yeah! That's why I only buy toy cars and clay doughs and stuff.

Trisha: What does it look like?

Sally: It has brown yarn hairs, button eyes, it's dress looks like Red Riding Hood's, and it's mouth is stitched.

Trisha: Judging by it's looks, it is really creepy. I've seen a lot like that.

Trisha: And some are possessed ;)

Sally: Omg you're giving me the creeps Trish!

Trisha: Haha sorry

Sally: It's also sitting in a chair beside my daughter's bed.

Trisha: Remember that movie Annabelle?

Sally: Oh please don't remind me of that movie! It gave me nightmares!

Trisha: Well, me too. I didn't sleep that night.

Sally: Why are you asking me this?

Trisha: Just making sure. Now stare at it again.

Sally: Ok fine.

Sally: It's staring right back at me and I think it's moving!


Sally: What about my daughter?!

Trisha: Call your husband.

Sally: Good idea.

Sally: He won't pick up!

Trisha: Just grab your daughter!

Sally: That's stupid!


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