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Human Name - Rylee Rose Williams

Place of Representation - Ontario

Age(appearence-wise) - 17-18 Years

Gender - Female

Appearence - She has a rather small figure and tiny build, almost if she if fragile. Her sikly blonde hair is usually in pigtails that fall over her shoulders. Her eyes are a dark violet with some flecks of cerulean here and there. She is pale, due to her cold climate. She wears black framed glasses that constantly fall of her face and she has to fix them.

Attire - She hates revealing clothing. Instead, she wears a gray hoodie with a maple leaf on the back and acid washed jeans. She loves her jean converse, and practically wears them everywhere she goes. Under her clothing, she wears a silver reindeer pendant given to her by Santa (*cough* We know who this is *cough*) when she was littler.

Personality - She hates when people forget what her name is, and gets flustered easily but can never stay mad at people. Her voice never grows higher then a whisper, unless you are really close to her and if it does, she is stuttering madly. She grows nervous around people easily, and is usually a good listener. She is deathly afraid of thunder.

Passions - She gets rather agressive during hockey season, and loves winter sports to the core. Maple syrup and pancakes are her favorite thing to eat, and if she could, she would eat nothing else. She loves spending time with her brother, Matthew, (she doesn't really get out of the house much) and her pet bunny, Suki. 

Others - She has a special relationship with Francis (France), but not romantically. She thinks of him as a father-figure and looks up to him most of the time. England is her friend as well, but she fears the day he will enter the kitchen and take over. Mainly because, she wouldn't be able to ward him away. Her and her sibling, Matthew are extremly close and are fruternal twins. Alfred is rather loud and obnoxious, never listening to anyone. However, they are still close.

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