2. The Loud Noises

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"Umm... I- I'm sorry virgil, for slapping you. How's your cheek?"
I instinctively put a hand over my cheek, only feel a lump the same shape and size as Romans hand. This once again brought tears to my eyes.
He saw my reaction and slammed a hand over his mouth. His eyes started watering and I could tell he was about to cry so I stood up and opens my arms. He walked into my embrace and started crying into my chest.
Roman may look taller than me but he isn't. I'm usually slouching and he is usually stood compleatly straight. But now he was he one slouching.
"I-I'm so sorry virgil. I just heard the way you spoke to patton and I just saw red..." his voice trailed off.
"Hay, shh, I get it. You got mad, it happens, heck you saw me get mad. And it wasn't my place to shout at dad like that. I forgive you roman."
Then he stopped crying, and stood up again. This time looking me dead in the eye.
"Why did you shout at him?"
"Because I'm always the one who's picked on, and the one who always got told off or I've always been the bad guy because I do the opposite of what others want to do so the group is then angry because they can't do anything."
I took in a long breath and steadied my voice.
"Because, Roman, I can't handle always being the bad guy."
This time it was his turn to hug and sooth me.
"Virgil I want you to listen to me very carefully," I looked him in the eye. "You were never the bad guy you've always been the hero. Not always intentionally but you have. So don't even think for one moment that your the bad guy. Okay the four of us are like a family. And we all love you like I'm sure you love us."
'You have no idea princy' I thought to myself.
"Now then I'm sure you need to adjust your makeup. It's a little smudged."
"Oh really? where?" I said sarcasticly rolling my eyes.
So he left me to my makeup and within the hour we all set off for class.
Roman went to the drama block.
Logan to the astronomical studies suite.
Patton to the home economics site.
So that leaves me.
I went to the art studio. In there was a class to make your own cloths, a fine art class, a graphics class, and finally a thechstyles class.
I would range on all four, going from one to the other over the week.
Today is Monday so I'm going to the clothing section. I've been working on a ball gown for months. It's got a sweetheart neckline that fades into a corset. The skirt has three layers. The first is a black silk, the second made of a rougher material but was a dark shade of purple, the third was a thin material that had purple and black glitter covering it.
There is a small storm cloud logo on the skirt, the sleeves were like bells on her yellow ball gown. With a fascinater to go with it.
"Virge, how you doing?" Dee a good friend came over wearing his creation. It was similar to mine but the colour and length were different.
His was a mix of maroon and crimson. The dress itself was stopping just above his shoes, where as mine fell past my feet to be dragged, almost, when I walk.
"I'm cool, what about you?"
"I'm doing great, and I love my new dress." He said giving me a twirl on one foot.
His dress flew out at the hem and fell lightly back into place.
"When are you going to be done Virge I need to see you in this."
"Patience, Dee, Patience. You can't rush perfection."
"However I should be done by lunch." I said to him while finishing the hem of the dress. At this he perked up and asked if I would wear this at all out of the studio.
"Ermmm... No. Never."
"Awww why not?"
"Because if I were a trait of personality I'd literally be anxiety."
"Your new fun" He said walking away in a huff.

Lunch had arrived and I could hear Dee calling my name.
"In here Dee." He came round the corner where I was stood with the dress on. I swear if his jaw got any further to the floor it would be in the pits of hell.
I was also wearing a pair of heals that Dee gave me last year.
Without warning he grabbed my arm gently and dragged me to the drama studio.
"No Dee stop please, Romans in there and I don't want him to see me.
He wasn't listening and I couldn't resist because he had a grip on the dress and I can't rip it.
He slammed to door open and called for the uptight prince.
Roman came and almost fainted at seeing me.
Everyone was staring at me and it was too much pressure. I sliped his hand off the dress and ran to the nearest bathroom.

-*Romans POV*-

When virgil came in with that dress on I could have died at how beautiful he was, but I also know he didn't come here in the dress willingly, this would be way too much pressure for him. I was right and he ran out the room. To the bathroom no doubt.
Again I was right the door was locked and I heard muffled sobs coming from the other side.
Luckily I have a spare key to the bathroom seeing as we all had our own. When I opened the door I saw virgil curled up on the floor crying and shaking. He was having a panic attack. There easer to deal with than a anxiety attack.
After ten minutes of calming down he finaly stopped crying.

-*virgils POV*-

After roman calmed me down he called one of his friends in who had been nicknamed love, mainly because he loves everything.
When love arrived he pulled me in a small hug and told me how much he loves the dress. Then he fixed my makeup so that it matched the dress.
Then we all walked back into the auditorium, everyone started clapping at us and then love and roman started clapping at me.
When they all finished clapping I asked, "Why were you all clapping?"
Dee spoke up then.
"Because your now stood here in full veiw of-" He counted the students and teachers, "forty odd people and your not even bothered your wearing a dress."
It took me a moment to possess this. "I guess I am aren't I."
"And I couldn't be prouder!!"
I turn to the double doors where a squealing patton and a happy? Logan were standing.
Patton then ran at me and wrapped me in a huge bear hug. "I am soo proud of you virgil."
"Thanks dad"

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