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If you could marry any character in this fic, who would it be? I'd marry the hell out of Gerard.

"He's resting in one of the rooms upstairs now, it seems he is slowly regaining more and more energy as the minutes passed after he was given blood." Mina informed both Gerard and Frank where they sat on the couch.

Gerard was paler than before, no color rising to flush his delicately curved lips, but he managed to stay conscious despite a wide portion of his own blood being consumed by his nearly dead brother. He looked up at Mina through his lashes, nodded, and sighed.

"I need to see him." Gerard stated.

"Gerard, I . . . I think you should feed, or something, before you do anything." Frank was incredibly concerned over Gerard's current state and unsure if feeding from a human or a vampire's healing blood would help him regain all of his energy.

"He's right, Gerard." Mina chewed on her lip with concern falling over her face. "I could bring a human to you if I must."

"I don't care for blood, I care for my brother appearing at the front door nearly dead and reeking of our current enemy." Gerard spoke sharply with the remaining strength within him, cutting through the hesitation growing thick in the atmosphere. Frank winced slightly from the tone he took and he shared a glance with Mina. Both of them came to an understanding that Gerard wasn't going to budge until he stood by his brother's side.

"I'll lead you to him." Mina sighed after giving up on attempting to get Gerard to take care of himself as well. Aside from the weakness obviously paling Gerard's lips and making his body flaccid against the couch, his eyes sparkled at the news and he began to gather himself to follow Mina. Frank rose from the couch as well, but Gerard's gentle hand stopped him.

"I think you should stay down here." Gerard softly told Frank, unease apparent in the way he moved his lips and batted his eyelashes together.

Frank looked up at the vampire in pure disbelief. "After I told you I don't want to be treated as inferior to you anymore?"

HIs vampire winced delicately, apologies swimming in the hypnotizing eyes speaking words to Frank that he couldn't express verbally. "It isn't that I think you should be kept in the dark. Michael may be weakened, but he is a danger to you. I don't trust him to be near you."

"I agree with him, Frank, Michael could strike you in an instant. He lacks the human blood he needs." Mina piped in, seemingly guilty as she wrung her hands together and tucked her bottom lip between her teeth.

Frank was at least relieved that the reason why he was being left behind was not to withhold him from any important news he would certainly be asking for once the meeting was over. Some part of him feared the vampire regenerating upstairs, the one who had once been so cruel to find joy in watching his brother being beaten by Lindsey in her violent rampage.

"I don't want him to hurt you." Frank whispered to Gerard. He couldn't bear the image of weakened Gerard being tricked and attacked by his brother, unwilling to allow any bit of blood to be shed from Gerard's body out of anger of a man who held hatred for events spun completely out of his control many years ago.

"I adore your concern, but I will return unscathed, I promise." Gerard reached out to touch his icy fingers to Frank's cheek. In a surprising act, he replaced the cool kiss of his fingertips with his lips instead, causing a blush to rise under his skin and bloom across his face from the unexpected act of affection.

He was left breathless when Gerard disintegrated from his view, the touch of his lips absent from the burning cheek he'd pressed a kiss against. Frank's eyes swept over the room, finding no sign of his vampire or Mina, and he sighed deeply. Touching his tingling cheek, he slowly sank down into his seat, some concealed part of him wishing to have the touch of pretty lips back against his cheek for him to relish in the coolness soothing the burning of his blood under his face.

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