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Human Name - Mariana Rosa Elena Carriedo

Place of Representation - Tortuga

Age(appearence-wise) - 19-20 Years

Gender - Female

Appearence - She has a curvy figure and somewhat average build. Her wild brown hair is naturally curly, but becomes straight in water. Her eyes are a light green with some flecks of gold here and there. She is pale, but does tan in the summer months.

Attire - She is usally seen in a green sundress that falls to her knees, her feet on black heels. She wears a variety of jewelry, and changes daily. Yet, no one has figured out where she keeps all of the jewels she wears.

Personality - She prefers people to call her "Maria" instead of her full name. She has a reckless air to her, and sometimes has to be controlled from doing what her heart desires. In no way is she shy, and she will tell you her life story if you let her. She loves people and social gatherings. She is expert at hiding things.

Passions - Dancing, singing, and futbol are her main enjoyments to life. Of course, a little siesta and tomatoes wouldn't be a bad addition to that list either. 

Others - She is a master with knives and guns, but hides that fact around people in the modern age. Yes, she was a pirate. A nasty pirate, who isn't one to mess with. She can speak many tongues such as; Spanish, Italian, Portugese, and English.

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