Mr fletcher?,part 15

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Jacs pov:
I got up and continued work for the rest of the day. I did my 2 surgery's and tended to a few patients who had operations this week, and didn't see Kayden for several hours.
I finished with my final patient and walked to my office, nodding over at Fletch to say I was ready to go home. He grinned back and nodded. I opened my office door and grabbed my bag and my jacket and left, walking over to Fletchs office. I glanced over at Kaydens bed. Empty? I dropped my stuff on his chair and walked to Kaydens bed.
"Essie, wheres Kayden." I said, a hint of worry in my voice. Fletchs arm automatically went protectively around my shoulders.
"He's having a shower as were keeping him over night." She smiled reassuringly. I smiled and breathed a sigh of relief.
"Have a nice evening." Fletch said, smiling at Essie.
"You too." She smiled and both of us and went back to her duties.
"Mums got the kids. How about we go out for dinner?" Fletch asked, leading us out of Darwin and down the stairs.
"Okay." I said flatly, walking calmly down the stairs. I didn't particularly want to go out. I just wanted to stay in, with a takeaway and be in his company.
"Or we can get a takeaway?" He said, almost as if reading my mind.
"I'd like that." I said, interlocking our fingers as we reached the dark car park.
We got to the car and put our seatbelts on and set off home.
Fletch put on the radio full blast, blaring "No Tears Left To Cry" by Ariana Grande. Fletch opened all the windows, just to annoy me. He sung loudly, not knowing all the words. I laughed and sung along too. I closed my eyes and smiled, listening to Fletch singing and let the cool night air hit my pale cheeks.
The car stopped.
"Why have we stopped?" I whined, opening my eyes.
"Traffic." He said, rolling his eyes. He got his phone out and quickly googled why there was traffic.
"Massive car accident, we could be here a while." He sighed, putting his phone away.
I sighed and sat back, turning the radio down.
"What are we gonna do." I asked, a bored tone in my voice.
"I can think of something I'd like to do." He smirked, his fingers lightly touching my inner thigh through my trousers. My breathing hitched, as he left his hand there. He pretended to concentrate on the road, but we weren't moving, as the traffic couldn't move until the crash site was cleared.
He rubbed my inner thigh with his thumb, slowly in circles. My breathing hitched once more, and my cheeks flushed pink. He couldn't see me blush as it was dark in the car.
He moved his hand a little further up my thigh slowly.
I placed my hand on his and pushed his hand down to my knee.
"Later." I sniggered teasingly.
"Oh common we probably won't get home until 11 now and we'll still have to have dinner." He whined, moving his hand back to my thigh.
I sighed softly, smiling at his persistence. I checked my phone. 7:30.
"It's 7:30."I said, changing the subject. His hand retracted from my thigh and interlocked in my hand instead, squeezing it.
"Oh." He said, clearly disappointed. I leaned over to him and kissed his lips, the position awkward as I had to lean over the gear sticks.
He immediately deepened it, holding my waist so I could move into a more comfortable position. Our lips moved in sync, filled with passion and love, for what seemed like forever until I broke away for air and sat back in my chair, slightly breathless.
"Is it later yet?" He sniggered, his hand returning to my thigh.
I nodded, smirking up at him.

*okay so well skip that bit cos we all know what they did ;))),, now lets skip to the next day, which is a Saturday :)*

Still Jacs pov:
I woke up in Fletchs arms, in his house and smiled up at him. He was still asleep. My head was on his chest as it went up and down with each breath. The clock on his bedside table said it was 5:30am. Great. I was wide awake now. I nuzzled deeper into his chest and let my mind get carried away with itself. I felt Fletch stir slightly and I snapped my eyes shut, incase he thought I was awake. I didn't want to to move from the safety of his arms.

Fletchs pov:
I glanced over at the clock. 5:32am. I glanced down at the beautiful woman in my arms. We'd got back pretty late last night, after the traffic from the crash. So late I had to carry her in from the car because she was fast asleep. I fixed my eyes on her. She was so beautiful, so peaceful. A peace of hair fell onto her face and tickled her nose. I gently pushed it behind her ear and leant down and kissed her.
"I love you, Ice Queen." I murmured.
I saw a small smile creep across her lips.
"Your awake?"I said sheepishly.
Jac smiled up and me and looked at me with her beautiful eyes.
"Lets go to London." She murmured, sleepily.
"Why?"I laughed at her randomness.
"So we can look around, and so I can show everyone your mine ." She mumbled, shutting her eyes again.
"Your so cheesy when your tired." I laughed, snaking my arm around her petite waist.
"I love you Fletcher." She whispered, nuzzling into the crook of my neck.
"I love you too Naylor." I smiled up at the ceiling, rubbing the small of her back with my hand.
I heard her heavy breathing, and felt her hot breath on my bare chest.
She was asleep once more, her firey hair spread out everywhere.
I smiled down at her and whispered into her hair,"Sleep tight, my ice queen..."

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