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Human Name - Althaia Karpsui

Place of Representation - Atlantis

Age(appearence-wise) - 20-21

Gender - Female

Appearence - She has a curvy figure and somewhat muscular build for a woman. Her milky chocolate hair is naturally curly, adorned with a sapling on the top. Her eyes are a startling bright aquamarine with some flicks of bright green here and there. She does tan when in the sun.

Attire - She wears baggy t-shirts and jeans that vary in colour, but she has no mind for fashion. Most of the time, she wears a jacket similar to Greece's. She wears skirts that flow easily in the wind but never to much. Her feet are usally covered with Greecian sandals, for they remind of the ages long since passed.

Personality - She is very laid back and calm the majority of the time, but can adopt a serious tone when is neccessary. Do not give her coffee or any kind of energy booster, because then, she becomes hyper-as-f*ck. Actually rather friendly when you get to know her.

Passions - Sleep, obviously(Do I really have to explain that one?). She likes cats, bunnies, and/or anything that would be considered "fluffy" or "cute". She likes to swim, being as she is an island. She enjoys spending time with Heracles (Greece) and Kiku (Japan) when she can. Along with her brother, she shares his hatred of Sadiq(Turkey).

Others - She can use magic, as that was what practically weaved through her land back in the ages. Her magic comes out a sparkling metalic silver, and leaves off the scent of vanilla. She has a strong connection to the Ancients, being as she is one of them, and will leave the room if the subject is brought up. She has a weakk spot for sandwiches, and follows them as bait. 

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