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The story you're about to read has been selected for the Wattpad Paid Stories that explores different ways a writer can make money from their work here on Wattpad. For you as the reader, it means that there will be a number of chapters available for free up to a point, but after that you'll have to purchase the remaining chapters with coins. In this story, there are ten chapters up for free before you'll have to pay if you choose to read the rest.

As a writer, the idea that I could earn from doing what I love sounds incredible. There have been Wattpadders asking for a way to reward their favorite writers for quite a while and, well, it's here! To have readers supporting me and the work I put out there would mean the world to me. The thought alone feels like validation, and the next step to where I'd like to be as a writer. I completely understand that not everyone will have the money for this and for them I can say that all my other stories are completely free, and Wattpad is and will always be a place where there are millions of free stories to read!

I encourage you to express your views but do be cordial about it. Thank you for taking the time to read this, whether you choose to go ahead and purchase this story or not! Have a good day ❤

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