Act 3: Revenge

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You're heartbroken but you know what you have to do. You have get Gru to cheat on Dru with you. You're not really sure how you're going to accomplish this, but you know you have to. You get dressed and go to your car. You put in Gru's address and drive quickly to his house. You arrive at his house and ring the doorbell. Gru comes to the door without a shirt on. "Oh, hello (your name). How's it going?" You answer politely but ask where Dru is. "Dru is in the kitchen right now," Gru says in his hot accent. Perfect, you think. Gru lets you inside. You give him a weeaboo look and he knows what you're thinking. "I-I can't do this...he's my broter/lover," he says. "B-but..." you say. You don't care about what he has to say. You grab his hand and lead him into the kitchen. You kiss him right in front of Dru. Afterwords, you run as fast as you can to your car. You drive away, never looking back.

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