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They arrived pretty quickly, and there was still quite a bit of time until it was dark. Eli spent the enitre flight fighting the pain, and she was whimpering loudly all the time.

They descended into the courtyard. Tanya was already racing outside, and the headmaster was beside her.

Zirx let the head drop a few centimeters off the ground, and then he landed.

Eli slid off, and almost fell when her feet connected with the ground. Zirx flew away without delay. He needed rest, too.

Pron's andn Tanya's eyes were glued onto the head. Tanya seemed furious, while Pron had a large, proud smile on his lips. They both trned their gazes towards her.

"Eli, you idiotic beast, you went after the cyclops. Just look at you! Covered in that green stentch. You could've died! And- oh Great Sisters save me, your shoulder!" she said, the expression of anger turning into worry as she walked over to Eli, looking at her shoulder.

Pron crouched by the head, and picked it up with ease, although it was as big as three normal heads.

"Damn, Eli. Good work, I'm proud. To be honest, I mentioned the cyclops only because of you. I knew you'd go after it. I hoped you wouldn't really, but when none of your friends knew where you were headed, I debated going to find you." he said, looking at her with a grin.

"Stop supporting such reckless behaviour! You're the headmaster, but you're a bad influence on her!" Tanya said, and both Pron and Eli grinned.

"Stop laughing or I won't heal you." Tanya threatened, and Eli shut up immediately.

"It hit me with a mace. I think it broke my shoulder." Eli explained, and Tanya and Pron shared a look of worry.

"I'll get the herbs. Take her to your room. Well, it was about time you practiced operating." Pron said, and Eli's face turned white.

"Don't worry, Eli, you'll be sleeping. You're barely standing from pain, let's go. I just need to adjust your bone accordingly. Pron bought a new batch of enchanted oils and cremes from a amge recently. Your bone shouldn't be a problem to hear, when its arranged proprely." Tanya explained, dragging Eli forwards by her good arm. Pron had already disappeared inside the building, with a cyclops's head in his arms.

As soon as the sisters entered the building, Helios and Teoh ran at them.

"Eli, you mad lass, you killed a cyclops!" Teoh yelled.

"I'm glad you're alive, you've gotta tell us about the fight!" Helios said excitedly.

"Later. Move aside. She needs to be healed, first, she'll tell you everything later." Tanya ordered. The boys shared a worried look, and looked at Eli's shoulder. Before they could say anything, Tanya was already dragging Eli upstairs.

She made her wash herself first, and don a new shirt and trousers.

Eli did what Tanya asked, and returned to their room, her shoulder already bleeding.

"Lie down onto the bed, and drink what Pron gives you, I will be back." she said, and Eli noticed that Pron was unpacking a books full of metal tools, herbs, and bottles. He smiled at Eli as Tanya left the room.

"I advise you not too look at what I have here. Tanya is good at what she's doing, and you will be asleep. I will overlook it, and assist her. Lie down, right here." he said, pointing to a bed nearest to the table. Eli sighed in fear. She was more afraid now than she was as she was facing that cyclops.

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