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(A/N) So.. This is my rewrite. I hope that you'll enjoy reading.)

Lance almost got a heart attack as he read Keith's suicide note.
Was the former red paladin really planning to leave him on his own?

With a new found hurry, he sprinted out of his room, taking his Bayard with him.
In a few seconds, he found himself outside the castle, scanning the area with his ocean blue eyes. He was so damn lucky that this planet was mostly open and, besides a few cliffs here and there, it was completely flat. 

"Keith! Please answer me!" He yelled desperately, not stopping with running and looking around. 

His head perked up as he heard a few soft whimpers. He ran as fast as he could to the source of the sound.

He was relieved when he found Keith, who was slowly walking to a cliff... A cliff?! With the pace he was running at, he quickly caught up with the raven haired boy, tackling him as soon as he was in reach. Who cared about some stupid scratches if the life of someone he cared about was in danger. 

"Keith, holy quiznak. I was so, so scared." Lance sat up, pulling Keith tightly into his arms, not planning on letting him go anytime soon. He hadn't noticed the tears that were streaming down his cheeks until now, but that was something he really wasn't worried about now.

"L-Lance? What are you doing here? I.. I can't.. You just have to let me go, please." Keith protested, trying to get out of the Cuban boy's grip. "I don't deserve you... Like Allura has made clear, I'm Galra an-and.. The only thing I deserve is dying, so I figured I woud make it go faster." The tears were threatening to leave his eyes, but he really tried to fight them back. 

"No no, Keith, you know that she doesn't know what she's talking about." Lance whispered softly, pressing soft kisses on Keith's cheeks.  "I love you so much. You completely deserve me and even more. We, me and all the other paladins, care so much about you. Allura just doesn't know how to deal with this and she's acting it out on you, even though you didn't do anything wrong." 

Just as Keith opened his mouth to argue, he heard footsteps approaching and tensed up in his boyfriend's arms. "Sh-She is here." He said in a scared voice. Oh, Lance wasn't going to deal with this anymore. He carefully untangled his arms from the smaller frame and got up with pure hatred in his eyes. He turned to Allura, who was now a few feet away from them, pulling his bayard out from under his jacket.

"Lance... I give you once chance to step away from that piece of filth." Allura spat out with pure disgust in her voice. She took one step closer, glaring daggers at the poor Galran boy.

Lance readied his weapon, summoning the gun he usually used to fight against the Galra. This time he'd use it to protect one.

Galra or no Galra, he loved Keith and would go through fire to protect him from any kind of harm.
"Never. I've had enough of you princess. Keith doesn't deserve the sick treatment you give him, so please fuck off with your nonsense Allura."

He aimed the gun at her, having a dead serious expression on his face. "Take one step closer to Keith and I'll shoot you."

Keith would've stopped Lance if he wasn't shaking in fear, hugging his knees against his chest. He was so, so scared.

Allura made an irritated sound that almost sounded like a growl, not moving from her spot. She did turn around as the other paladins and Coran approached, their footsteps clear in the deadly silence.

The princess suddenly pulled out something from behind her. It was one of her father's sword. She held onto it tightly, suddenly sprinting towards the couple and did something no one thought she would. Instead of aiming for Keith, she got ready to slash at Lance.

Before she could actually hit him something, or you could better say someone, stopped the hit. Keith had blocked the sword with his own Galran knife, allowing Lance to step back.

Then there was a gunshot, Allura collapsing on the ground, multiple shocked faces and Lance, who didn't seem to regret anything.

Keith backed off, not sure if he was happy with this or not. He got stopped by a hand taking his own. It belonged to Lance. The Cuban boy was smiling sweetly at Keith. "Let's run." He whispered, before sprinting back to the castle while dragging Keith with him.

Once they arrived, Lance took Keith to the blue Lion.

That's how they got back to Earth. The planet where they somehow could start their normal lives.
Well.. That's what they hoped for. 

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