Chapter 2

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"How do you- I mean- I..." I stumbled. She was a blonde beauty. Perfect everything. Her skin was tanned beneath her lovely curling hair and off-shoulder mini dress. Her stilettos gave her 6 inches, making her loom above me. I shrank back.

"Hi. I'm Christina. Nice to meet you." I said and stuck out my hand. Like I expected, she didn't take it. I clutched my books and looked away. I was just about to leave when her voice interrupted.

"I'm Anna. Anna Delaney. These are my girls Kristen, Clarissa, and Melanie." She announced and introduced while flashing her manicured nails. French manicure nails.

"Hi." I said and was immediately interrupted by the ring of her cellphone. She pulled it up, took a glance, raised an eyebrow and glared at me. Those eyes pierced through me, scanning me like I was in an Xray and she was the doctor trying to find the broken bone.

"You're Christina. Christina Turner. Nathan's friend." She whispered. I nodded. Confused, I automatically scrunched up my face. An old habit I never got to stop.

"Girlfriend?" She smirked at me. I felt like a bug being scrutinized before someone killed it. The bell rang and I slammed my locker, silently thanking God.

"I got to go." I said and scurried off before she could say something else.

"I know who you are." I heard a yell behind me. 'Too late' I thought to myself. I ran, pushing past people, avoiding stares. I ran into the classroom just as the final bell rang and realized with a startle that the teacher wasn't there.

I slumped to a seat near the back and looked around. Kids everywhere we hanging out with friends. Slouching, texting, reading, talking. I kept glancing at the door, expecting a teacher to yell at everyone to act in an orderly fashion. My phone vibrated in my back pocket.

 Everything okay? Nathan wrote. I smiled just thinking about him. I thought about the answer. The vibration startled me, again.

Missing you already. How's it going? Lena texted. I figured I might as well text her back first. It's okay, I guess. Teacher isn't even here yet and the bell rung 3 minutes ago. Tell everyone I said hi. My fingers flew, with glances at the door in between. Yeah, all's good. You? Love you. I quickly wrote to Nathan and shoved my phone in my back pocket.

I looked up to see the teacher just stepping in. She was carrying a wide purse and small box. My mouth opened. She was only about 30 at the most, with a great sense of style. Her highlighted hair was blond with red streaks in flowing curls. She was only about 5'8 but wearing heels. Her white skinny jeans and tank made her look younger than she probably was. Her perfectly white teeth shone as she smiled.

"G'morning class. Shit. Sorry I'm late. Traffic and then this stupid car. Heavy boxes. Yeah yeah yeah." She rambled. I was shocked she would start off the school year with...not the best choice of words.

"Okay. My name is Ms. Alexandra Simone. Call me what you like, just make sure it's appropriate. I don't expect much from you besides cooperation, respect, you know. The usual. So let's get started with attendance." She continued as she wrote her name on the clean board with a brand new piece of chalk. I listened to her go on and on and obediently raised my hand with the casual "Here" when my name was called.

For the first time, I looked at the person sitting beside me. She was talking with other people across from us so I didn't disrupt. She was a pretty girl. The type of pretty that didn't require or use makeup or all those "cool" clothes. She was relaxed, happy, and neat. 

"While I get organizied, feel free to make some friends, review, get organized, whatever you want. You have about 15 minutes." Ms. Simone announced and was immediately responded with a cheer from the class.

"Hey. You're new right? I'm Macy." She shook hands with me formally. I smiled.

"Yeah. I'm Christina." I returned.

"These are my friends: Stacey and Brandon. They're dating." She introduced and I nodded to them. I realized they were holding hands under the table and when she noticed, Stacey immediately jerked her hand back. I looked away and bit my tongue to stop from smiling.

"Hi." She said, blushing crimson.

"So, since you seem pretty cool, you wanna hang out together?" Macy asked. I nodded.

"Okay. So first things first. Give me that schedule. They'll tell you about some rules." Macy continued as she scanned all our schedules.

"Ms. Simone is the nicest and youngest teacher in the school. It also means that you won't be getting much work. Just one big test at the end of each semester." Brandon offered. I nodded.

"We'll meet up during classes and at lockers, but you're all free to do whatever you want at lunch. We can plan stuff afterschool but we aren't going to be that group of friends that hang out all day, every day. That's pretty much it." Stacey finished off. 

"Thanks guys. I really appreciate it." I said and turned to Macy who had her report done.

"We all share homeroom. I have Math with Brandon and Christina. Physical Education is with Stacey. Stacey and Christina share Canadian History while Stacey and Brandon have Intermediate Music and Physics together. Not too bad. Our lockers are all along the same hallway." Macy finished all in two breathes. It took everyone a minute to calculate everything in their heads while Macy returned everything back to their owners.

"This is going to be a pretty good school year after all." Macy said and looked up to see Ms.Simone finally attempting to get the class' attention.

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