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She look on the clock on the wall

'' Hayato how about you go to the class first?'' She asked Hayato

'' But..sensei'' Hayato don't want budge from this place

'' No, you still student that need to learn in the school and I know you worry about your friend'' teacher advise Hayato

Hayato give up

'' Hai sensei, after school I will bring her back to her home''

'' I know, please go on to your class now'' She said

'' Hai sensei, please take care of my friend''

Hayato bowed and going outside from school infirmary

Reborn saw Hayato going to his class

She turn her face to Tsuna who still not awake

'' Tsuna chan you lucky now to have a caring friend now who really care about you''

She smile and delighted someone really care about Tsuna

'' I need to do report now '' She hold her pen and focus on her work

Reborn do not budge from his place to watch his princess

After one hour

Sensei stretch her body after one hour seat on her chair do the work


'' My stomach growling now, that means I am hungry now '' she mumble

'' Are there something for me to eat?'' She try to search food on her rack for her to bite

After ten minutes

'' Nothing left huh'' She gloomy

She seat back on her chair and thinking

'' I know!!! maybe I am going to the cafeteria'' She mumble

'' Tsuna chan, sensei will going to the cafeteria first'' She said

She hope Tsuna maybe will heard her voice and going outside from the school infirmary

Reborn saw this opportunity that Tsuna sensei going outside from school infirmary

Reborn enter school infirmary from window and kneel down

'' I am sorry we late to found you after your parent dies''

'' and your grandfather,me and other still working hard search for you all around world''

'' and at last we found you here''

Tsuna crying in sleep

'' Father,mother don't leave me alone''

Reborn shocked to saw his princess crying in sleep

'' Father,mother come back I don't want to be alone''

Reborn heart hurt to saw his princess crying

Reborn stand up and walking to Tsuna

Reborn hold his princess hand '' Princess you now not alone, you have family by your side who always with you''

'' Father,mother I miss you so much''

Reborn patted his princess hair

'' I will not leave you and nobody will leave you forever''

Tsuna feel warmth and stop crying

Reborn relieve that his princess stop crying and smile


'' Someone coming'' Reborn felt

Reborn going outside from window

'' I felt someone here, maybe my imagination'' She shake her head

She brought her food and put her food on the table


See you next time > <

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