Chapter twelve

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My eyes flutter open 'I-it was a dream s-shit it was a dream' taehyung walks in with blood on his hands and I can't find jin anywhere in the room I begin to panic 'maybe the gunshot was real if he killed jin' I begin to tear up at the thought I then see jin walk in shortly after Taehyung panicking as he saw me almost crying Jin put me back on my bed "you finally woke up y/n" I look at him confused "how long have I been asleep?" He looks at Taehyung and Taehyung nods "ever since you arrived"  Jin told me 'so none of it was real..' I thought I grabbed Jins cheeks lean in and kiss him like I did in the dream except he pulled away as soon as I kissed him this time I got so confused "what happened to me Jin" I asked Jin looked at me sympathetically and said "when you got knocked out they put you into a coma I got surprised I looked at Jin and said "so everything that was happening whilst I was in the coma was fake the dream that felt so real was fake?" Jin just nodded yes and I began to ramble and told him everything that happened then Jimin walked in and said "it's time for your new daily appointment y/n to defeat your fear of drowning" he injected some sort of liquid into my neck I started panicking because he just put an unfamiliar liquid into my body what do you expect me to do he put a blindfold on me and took me to a strange room he sat me in a chair and tied my arms onto it making sure I couldn't escape them the cruel cruel Taehyung walked into the room he sat down on a chair opposite me and pressed a button the ground underneath me disappeared and I started falling as I felt the air go through my long hair I screamed as I thought I was going to die I fell into water and stayed there when I was about to give up and let myself drown after panicking for what felt like forever I got pulled up with my chair back onto the piece of ground I was on before and Taehyung did the same thing over and over and kept doing it until I was bleeding,crying and was about to pass out he whispered in my ear "sorry I went so far babygirl" I wanted to shout and scream calling him a psychopath but all that came out from trying was a mutter a extremely quiet mutter I was taken back into my room but my legs were too weak to walk they were like jelly so I was put into a wheelchair and wheeled back to my room with a blindfold on still Taehyung wanted to make me suffer and it was working I was suffering but did he really have to take it this far I will make him suffer after all this and I will make sure of it no matter how or what I do he.will.suffer. Wait I need to stop I can't stoop down to his level of mentally unstableness as I'm not mentally ill I need to stop now.

This chapter was 555 words long hope you enjoyed I know it's really short but turns out I'm not ending this book after all hope you enjoyed lots of love

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