Chapter nine

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The girl walks to her table Taehyung's eyes still stick to her i look down and begin to eat taehyung then begin to eat and then he says "whats wrong" i say bluntly "nothing" he says grabbing my wrist aggressively and says with anger in his voice "i know when something is wrong" i then shake his hand off my wrist i begin to walk out and he lays one hundred and fifty dollars on the table to pay for our meal and after he did that he followed me out i run im a vampire i run faster than any human could after four minutes i arrive at my apartment and as i go to close my door taehyung stops me and throws the door open causing me to fall over he then steps in and closes and locks the door behind him he grabs my wrist and forces me to stand up he slaps my left cheek and says "WHY ARE YOU BEING A BITCH" i look at him in anger and punch his right cheek he then pins me to the wall and says "I FUCKING LOVE YOU" i reply with "then you wouldn't of watched that girl with love in your eyes" he then sighs and face palms i let my body become limp and fall to the floor i let tears fall from my eyes taehyung sits next to me and looked at the floor "I'm sorry y/n I wouldn't do anything to hurt you,I promise never to if I hurt you it would hurt me too" I look at taehyung and respond with "I wish they just kept me at that prison" little did I know something big would happen soon

Soo sorry this was a short chapter I'm also sorry I haven't been updating lately but I'm gonna start the next chapter now love y'all

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