Chapter eight

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As i open my eye's i realise that I'm not in the enclosure i was in I'm in my bedroom in my apartment was it all a nightmare did it really happen am i a human have i still got a beating heart as i start to stand i become dizzy Taehyung rushes into the room and pulls out a blood bag then i realise that they finally released me and im free from they're restrains and they will no longer treat me as if i am an animal i look down at the floor remembering that Taehyung was turned to a vampire too and i was the reason a tear slips from my eye Taehyung raises my head and wipes the tear he brings his face closer to me and continued to bring his face to mine until our lips touched our lip's rhythm was in sync as we pulled away from the kiss i felt Taehyung smirk i blush and look down as i do Taehyung passes me the blood bag and asks me "please,just drink it for me" i look at him i take the blood bag into my own hands i then sink my fangs into the blood bag and i feel the pleasure of blood in my system Taehyung watches me soon after I finish the blood bag hobi walks into the room and i become weak i become paralysed Taehyung figures out that this would've happened if i saw the person that took me he realises that hobi is the one who took me Taehyung stood up and punches hobi hobi starts to bleed hobi at that moment falls to the floor he starts to bleed too much i pick up the phone from the side table and type in the number '911' the woman on the other side of the phone said "hello what is your emergency"i lied with tears falling from my eyes which I didn't know the reason for saying "m-my friend fell and is bleeding badly" the phone ends the call i then get Taehyung to wash the blood off of his fists he then does we then stand hobi in front of the draws and drop him and his head starts bleeding we clean up the blood from the other spot soon after we had cleaned it up the ambulance arrived taking hobi to the hospital as i lay my head onto Taehyung's chest to hide my face as I don't want to be seen Taehyung starts to stroke my head i just hug him
|time skip|
I wake up from the sun gleaming in through the window i begin to open my eyes and Taehyung isn't in this room i begin to stand i walk out of my room and search for Taehyung in my apartment but he's not here i get dressed into a crop top jeans and white trainers with roses on the side i make sure i have my ring that stops me from burning to death in the sunlight i slowly opened my door and breath in the air i begin to walk to the apartment building that holds Taehyung's apartment as I arrive at the glass doors of the building i put my hand on the door handle and open it i think to myself 'i should get his mail for him' so i walk over to the metal boxes that hold the mail i walk upto the one that has the number of Taehyung's apartment on it the number '4B' I insert the key into the keyhole and turn the key the door to the mail box opens i take out his mail i start to walk up the stairs to the fourth floor i arrive at his door and open it with the spare key that he gave me when i open the door i search for him in his own apartment and i then hear the shower running i knock on the door i hear Taehyung say "who is it" i then reply with "Its just me Y/N" the shower's water stops running he then opens the door a little he then says to me "could you go to the living room whilst i get changed in my room where all my clothes are" i just reply with a "sure" i walk off into the living room and sit down i turn the tv on and begin to watch a show called 'the big bang theory' there is a character called sheldon he seems irritating then Taehyung walks into the room and he looks shocked at my outfit i guess I didn't wear these type of outfits before he looks me up and down i giggle a bit at him and say "put your ring on let's go out somewhere I'm bored" he just giggles he puts on his ring i grab onto his hand and we walk out of the apartment and he locks the door i start to skip down the stairs as me and Taehyung reach the first floor we walk out and carry on walking until we end up at this really fancy restaurant which i then find out Taehyung had booked us a reservation for that restaurant i looked at him in awe I'm so grateful to have a boyfriend like him he is amazing I sometimes feel like there's a catch to all this but there isn't a catch to this which im glad Taehyung is different he actually cares unlike most guys the guy who checks our reservation takes us to a table for two the person then passes us our menus i look at the menu and i choose the salad Taehyung chooses a steak which then comes with fries and onion rings we tell the waiter our orders we both get some red wine with our meals soon after our meals arrive and we begin to eat them a female then walks into the restaurant Taehyung's eyes follow her
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