The New Girl Gets The Alpha As Her Mate 1

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My Name. It is not important but I will tell you anyway. Nicolette. I go by Serena because it is my grandmother's name and it is easier than Nicolette. My mother named me, after who I do not know, but it has never bothered me. She has always been rather, sketchy I guess. Today I start my first day of school in a new town. The town of Fayette in Alabama. We moved to this god forsaken town because of my father's job as a game warden, and it did not bother my mom any, so here we are.

"Mom I'll be down in a second! " I yelled, trying to get my clothes on. I'm 5.3, 120 pounds, with brown hair, and brownish reddish eyes. I think I am pretty but who knows if I really am.

"Honey you're going to be late as always" my mom yelled back sounding aggravated as usual.

Ok, first thing, my mom likes to be early while I like to be fashionably late, which doesn't always work with my school schedule.

"Fine, im here," I said as I came bounding down the stairs strait into my dad.

"Hooph. Woah there girl, in a hurry much?" My dad said trying to gain his breath back.

"Jim shes running late, say your goodbyes and lets go." Mom said crossing her arms and tapping her foot.

"fine fine, ill see you after school Nicolette , and stay away from boys!" he said with a serious face but I saw his smile underneath. I just scowled at his common use of my unpreferred name. Him and mother always had hidden smiles, usually for each other, but sometimes for me to.

I walked outside and got into my yellow jeep wrangler. I have to jump to get in it but it is so worth it! "By mom, by dad, ill see yall after school!" I yelled at them as I pulled out of the driveway.

Its so, different down here. I guess different is a good way to put it. Everyone seems friendly and I can get to anywhere without hitting any busy roads. I smiled as I drove with my top off my jeep. People stared but who cares. I am just being me. I pull up to where the school is and see a crowd of student funneling out of the parking lot and through the front doors so I decided to just follow them. I parked my car and got my books then I headed in. I was reading my schedule when BAM!

"Watch were your going skank!" a shrilled squeaky voice whined from in front of me.

"Uhh, I believe I go here which means you should watch were your going also" I said in a bitchy tone, but hey she started it!

"argghhh, come on girls, we have boys to talk to" the blonde bimbo said angrily. She clearly was not used to being talked back to.

I sighed, "my senior year lord, please let me get through it".

I walked through the building until I got to the door which said History on it. Home sweet home. Or at least home period. I walked in and sat at the back of the class. I saw students start funneling in which included blonde bimbo and her minions. It also included some boys though, some were attractive, but only fun to look at. Nothing serious like crush worthy. I have had crushes but no boyfriends; I feel I'm too young. However, that thought flew out the window with the person that just entered the room. He looked like a greek god with brown hair and what looked like green eyes. He was perfectly toned and looked so yummy! He went straight for blonde bimbo, leaned in as if he was going to whisper something to her, and kissed her! He freaking kissed her! What any person can see in her is beyond me. O wait, that's right, she's a whore! Don't get angry I told myself as I looked down at my book, yall aren't dating or anything, he hasn't even met you! Right, I am being silly, besides, what would he see in me? I looked back up and found myself gazing into the beautiful green eyes I have ever seen. Bimbo's boyfriend?

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