Azul POV

"We got a full house. You ready to get this party started?" Ruby says to us as peaked through the window curtains. He was startled by Jasmine's appearance. 

"I think I might have to go home" Jasmine mumbled weakly. She looked even worse than before..

"What's wrong with you?" Ruby asks her.

"I don't know. I just keep passing out" Jasmine tells him.

"But you have to rally. I can wear gloves" Ruby says in slight disgust.

"I'm down with that. It's about to get dirty up" Jasmine says with a smile on her sickly pale face and soon seemed to be asleep but Ruby touched her. "Taste my juicy nalga! Dos quesadilla por favor"

"Can someone escort Jasmine home?" Ruby asks us and we all said no. We did not want to be near Jasmine at all. She could get us sick as well. Ruby had to get her out the house as soon then abuelita and some of her friends walked inside with trays of food in their hands.

"Señoras, síganme en la cocina" (Ladies, follow me in the kitchen) Abuelita says to her friends who trailed behind her and then she looked at Ruby. "Mijo, where are we gonna set up the buffet?"

"On the tables in the back" Ruby instructed.

"But they're not there" She tells him.

"What? Well, who moved them?" Ruby asked.

"A guy told me he needed them" Cesar spoke beside me.

"It was the fireworks guy" Fangs spoke.

"We're having fireworks?" Olivia said in surprise as we all stood up.

"Thank you" Ruby said sarcastically. "Thank you, everyone for spoiling the surprise. Yes, fireworks. At 9:30"

"Someone get his panties out of a bunch" Abuelita says to us causing Toni and I to chuckle.

"I'm surprised my phone hasn't got full storage because all of the pictures I took today with you guys in it" I say to Toni as Cesar, Fangs and Monse had a conversation.

"I know, same!" Toni says as she pulled out her phone to show me the pictures that she took of us and with the others.  

"Today is actually pretty great" I tell her with a smile on my lips.

"Well the night is not over yet, baby girl. You do realize you will be dancing right?" She says to me.

"But Joaquin is not here" I remind her. She moves a strand of pink hair away from her face and rolled her brown eyes at me.

"Well I'll make you dance with me after I dance with Fangs" She tells me.  

"We'll see" I tease her causing her to lightly punch my shoulder. Monse, Fangs and Cesar joined Toni and I. I looked at Cesar's tie, it looked crooked. I walked over to him and fixed his tie properly, I felt his heated gaze on me. 

"I've learned thing or two in fixing ties from my dad and plus your crooked tie was bugging me so..." I say as I finished fixing up his tie and gently pat his chest. I looked up at him, he looked at me in a unexplainable look, it looked like he was seeing right through me. It made my cheeks burn.

"What? Why are you looking at me like that? Is there something on my face? " I ask him and he gave me a large smile.

"No, you're just really special, and beautiful" He tells me with a smile on his cute face making me feel so cute and bubbly inside. Oh gosh, he's making me feel so...girly. 

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