The Begginning of the End

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I will leave out the independent preperation, as all I did was lay in. What?
It's not like any of this training will actually help.
Moving on, I am currently standing in an all-white room with a circular tube in the left corner. I assume that's how I will get to the arena, through there.
On the way here, the tributes were ordered into a line and told not to communicate. There wasn't really much to say anyway, you know, except, 'happy dying!'
I just want it over with. I hate that they have to drag it out, I swear it has been like a year since I was home in district 7(even though I've only been here four days).
I walk towards the tube and step in as it opens. I get a glimpse of the real world before everything goes dark and I am travelling through a chute to what will become a graveyard.

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