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Hayato never in his life feel this warmth

'' Welcome ''

Tsuna turn her face on teacher.

Hayato also turn his face on teacher but in his heart he was curious what her look like and he always take a peek into Tsuna face every chance he could.

Tsuna intuition told Hayato peek into her face and she feel embarrassed so much in her life for first time.

'' Sawada Tsunayuki '' Homeroom teacher calling her name

Tsuna hold his forehead as she felt dizzy suddenly.

'' Sawada Tsunayuki '' Homeroom teeacher calling.

Hayato worry about her as she not even respond to the teacher calling her.

Tsuna faint on the class floor.

Hayato stand up fast and going by her side.

'' Are you okay? '' Hayato asked her many time.

All in the class shocked that Tsuna faint in the class but Mazaki and Talisa satisfy she is faint on the floor.

Hayato recall the past and he touch her forehead has he sees one of his staff faint in front of him when he small.

'' What she have fever now!!! '' Hayato looks shocked.

'' Gokudera, are she okay? '' Homeroom teacher worry about her student.

'' Teacher she having a fever now, may I bring her to the school infirmary now? ''

'' But.. Gokudera you new to this school and did you where the school infirmary? '' Homeroom teacher said

'' Hai teacher ''

'' I give you my permission to carry her to the school infirmary ''

Hayato slowly carry Tsuna bridal style and all the girl felt jealous that Ugly Tsuna being carry by a guy.

Hayato going outside the class with Tsuna on his arm.

'' Please... I hope you okay? '' Hayato calling her many time.

'' Am I have a dream now? '' Tsuna hears Hayato calling her.

Hayato arrive on school infirmary.

'' Sensei, please help my new friend she is having a fever now ''

'' Please put her here ''

'' Hai sensei '' Hayato gentle put Tsuna on school infirmary bed.

'' What is your name? ''

'' Hayato, sensei ''

'' Then, Hayato please have a seat first here and wait here until I done check her ''

'' But... sensei ''

'' Don't worry she always like this''

Hayato curious when sensei talk like she know Tsuna very well.

After 20 minutes

'' She is sleep now ''

'' I am relieve '' Hayato take a deep breath.

'' Are you a new student today? ''

'' Hai sensei ''

'' I will tell about her story if you really care about her ''

'' Hai sensei''

'' Did you really care about her? ''

'' Hai '' Hayato said with determination

'' Good ''

'' Well before she transfer to this town she live in Namimori with her
parent ''

'' Why she transfer here? ''

'' Both of her parent dies mystery ''

Hayato curious.

'' Then who she is live with now, sensei? ''

'' She live with her grandmother ''

'' Okay '' Hayato nod.

'' But...all the adult in town believe if that girl who her parent dies mystery will give chaos to this town ''

'' She is innocent and kind girl I ever meet '' Hayato frustrate when all people treat Tsuna badly.

Sensei formed a smile someone now really care about Tsuna.

'' That why her grandmother become her guardian ''

'' Are sensei know her address well? ''

'' Why? ''

'' I will sent her back after school done to her grandmother house ''

'' Thank you ''

'' I am her friend I will help as much as I could ''

'' When past she really lively person and hope you can become her friend ''

'' No problem sensei ''


Hope you guys enjoy > <

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