Alma Coin

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The man with me explains that he is from district 13, which wasn't really destroyed and he wants to save me from my unfortunate fate.
He offers his hand out to me and says, 'Come with me, or set your death date'.
I don't know what to say, this is so much to take in and I don't believe him. I shake my head and back way, then I run out the room, burying my head in the couch cushion.
It feels like it has been hours by the time I decide to go back to my room.
I have decided to question Alma(he told me his name was Alma Coin) and then if I believe him I will go with him. So I walk into my temporary bedroom, my head held high, but he isn't there. he must have left when I backed out of the room.
This is it then. My life. My death, with the arena as my grave.
Tomorrow truly is the beginning of the end. The beginning of the end of my life. And there is nothing I can do to stop it. I am powerless against my definite fate and what awaits me in the next few days. My last days.

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