Bad Luck

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I lost count at the amount of times he called, but each time Xavier did, I declined it.

"Honestly," I groaned and fell back on my bed, causing to hit the headboard with a loud thud. I rubbed the back of my head against my pillow.

How did a guy like him even think to have an affair with his sister in law? I know it was all in the past, but it still made me feel slightly apprehensive. I asked for him to give me some time alone, but his calls continued to ring.

"Urgh," I rubbed my sweaty palms over my face, "why, why is it when I finally get an actual boyfriend something bad seems to happen!" I had the worst luck in my crappy life.

I dropped my hand to my chest, feeling the thumping of my heart. Thinking about that day, I wondered just how Darius may have felt knowing his own brother and wife had done something so awful. Was this the reason why he didn't care for someone like Reina, and marrying her, knowing she would cling to him because of his status?

I shuddered to think such thoughts were true; how cruel life could be for both rich and poor.

There was knock on my door.

"Come in," I mentioned lazily.

Darius walked in with his arm tucked neatly by his chest. I stretched my legs and sat up, glancing at him and noticing his eyes were darker than usual as he seemed to have not been sleeping well; either that or he wasn't taking his medicine.

I hadn't really seen much of him for the past week, since that day, keeping only to myself and whatever work that was needed for me to do. It was strange but I couldn't seem to get the incessant, don't say I didn't warn you message from my head whenever I came near him.

I didn't believe him then and nor do I believe him now, but the doubts seemed to have played around with me and quite frankly, I was confused.

I didn't know if this was just some kind of resentment from Darius' side, not only because of his wife but also because of how he was brought up differently by his father, compared to his brother. Their family and situation really was complicated, and somehow or another I seemed to have been dragged into it all.

"You've been in your room all day." He mentioned, looking around.

"I've only been here a few minutes, I just finished with dinner. I left it on the table for you."

"I noticed." Darius pulled the hood down of his jumper, his face looking more gaunt than usual through his lack of sleep as he sauntered his way towards the bed.

"What are you doing here?" I asked not liking the stifling gap between us.

"You've been acting pretty strange all week, and more specifically after your little chat with Elray." Darius narrowed his eyes as I pulled down on my sleeves, bringing my knees up to my chest. I really needed a lie down, and he was disturbing my little moment of peace.

"It's nothing, okay." I mumbled, frowning as I hoped for him to leave.

"Don't give me that look." He rebutted.

"What look?" I ask feigning ignorance.

I jumped at the sudden movement from his free hand as he took my chin in his hold and raised my face so our gazes met.

"The face that reads, I don't want to see you right now. Go away." He uttered robotically as he mimicked the etched lines between his brows as they furrowed together, with his mouth looking rather sour like an upside down smile.

I stared at him with my mouth open, until he shut it with his hand.

"H-how, a-what-am I that easy to read?" I stammered to think about what to say as I couldn't believe it. He really was a living and breathing Batman.

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