Sleepless Nights [Kid x Reader]

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Kid opened his eyes abruptly and sucked in a breath.

His amber orbes took a moment to adjust to the darkness of the room. He sat up in bed, the covers slidding down and stopping at his hips. The cool air of the night met his naked torso and sent shivers down his spine.

He brought a hand to his sweaty mess of red hair and used his fingers to comb it back.

It had been a while since he had had nightmares, his mind usually too busy to give any attention to idleness fears, and so, them returning was something he was not pleased with.

The redhead turned to look at the body that lay peacefully beside him.

Kid still wondered why you were with him. He knew not many people liked or could even put up with his personality, although he didn't really care, and so he was curious as to what had made you stay around for so long.

His hand traveled to your back and his index finger ran from its middle to your neck. He was not the romantic type and had a hard time when it came to expressing his feelings in a non violent way.

Anger was easy; violence was simple, raw. Love, on the other hand, was complicated, and he did not like it.

And yet, he had fallen for you, hard.

The sheets shuffled, snapping him out of his thoughts. The eyes that had captured his heart observed him lazily.

"You okay?" Your hand traveled to his left arm to caress it.

"Why wouldn't I?"

"Then why are you up? It's..." you half-turned around to glance at the watch on your nightstand before facing him again, "3 a.m."

"It's just too hot in here. Imma go smoke."

You stared at the red-haired man as he abandoned the bed and looked for the package of cigarettes before leaving the room.

Groaning in annoyance, you covered your face with your hands, wishing Eustass 'Captain' Kid would stop being so... Kid sometimes.


Bringing the cigarette to his lips, Kid took a deep drag and let the smoke linger in his mouth before exhaling.

When it came to his mental problems, it was easier to push them aside rather than confronting them, but that nightmare had taken a toll on him. Just remembering it sent shivers down his spine.

Kid breathed deeply, the ash that covered it all causing him to cough loudly. He ran a hand across his face, whipping the dust from it before opening his eyes.

He sat up, the pain in his head numbing his other senses.

His amber orbes scanned the place.

The too familiar bar in which he had been drinking was now reduced to practically nothing. The bartender and a couple of nobodies lay on the floor, either unconscious or dead, and his crewmates were nowhere to be found. His memory was a blurry mess; he couldn't remember if they had been there with him at any moment of the night.

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