The Destiny of the Scarlet Chapter 9

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I opened my eyes and looked around. I was in Damon's room. In his bed. I looked down at myself. I wasn't wearing my maid's uniform anymore. I was wearing a silk black night gown. I sat up. Damon appeared. I saw his eyes. They were a dull silver. He looked sad ashamed.

"Fawn I'm so sorry I...I wasn't thinking I just...I'm sorry." that's when I remembered what happened. He bit me. He bit me.

"You don't have to work today I just want you to rest. I'll have Clare bring up your meals and anything else you need. Is that alright?"i just nodded my head. "I really am sorry. I didn't mean to hurt you."

he walked out of the room. The door closed and I flopped down on the bed. He bit me. No matter how many times I say that it won't change. But the only thing is why did it feel good? I have never been bitten but I could guess that I wasn't suppose it feel that way.

There was a knock at the door interrupting my thoughts. "Come in."

Clare walked in with a silver tray. "Hi, Fawn." she said happily. She looked extremely hyper.

"Are you okay." I dragged out the kay.

"No I'm always like this mid day. Any way you really must be special to the prince for him to give you the whole day off." she sat down on the bed next to me.

" I'm least I don't think."

"Yes you are. I remember one time his brother threw me into the wall and punched me in the face then drank my blood. I only got two hours off then I had to get back to work. He did something and you get the whole day off. Hey what did he do anyway."

"He drank my blood then I blacked out. That's all I can remember."

"Hmmm." she breathed in, "Anyway here's your breakfast. My lord told me to ask you if you wanted any entrainment. He said anything you wanted as long as you don't contact anyone from your old life."

"Yeah, um could I get a laptop?"I asked unsure.

"Totally, I'll get that really fast." she hopped up and sped out of the room.

I flopped back down on the bed. I put my hand to my neck and rubbed. I sighed. The door opened and Clare came back in. I sat up and she handed the laptop. "Alright so I'll be back after I finish all my chores which could be a while. Oh I almost forgot." she handed me headphones.

"Thanks Clare."

She left the room and I turned on the computer. I logged on to my youtube account. I was scrolling through my subscriptions. Wow I had a lot to catch up on. I clicked on the first video and began watching. I watched twenty videos before I started to doze.

I was asleep for a few hours before the door opened, "Clare? Damon." I said groggily.

I heard a chuckle, "So you're calling my brother by his first name now huh?" that voice woke me up. Damon's brother.

The next thing I know the laptop is smashed against the wall and he is on top of me. He tore the nightgown off of me. He started to kiss all over me. He ran his hands all over me. Tears started to run down my face. I screamed , "Damon." He slapped me across my face. He started to undo my bra. And then he was flying. I got off the bed and crawled into the corner tears streaming down my face.

Damon's brother was sent flying again. In mid air Damon jumped on him and punched him. "Get out of my house Elliot. Until the ball I never want to see your face again."

"Oh so harsh brother." Elliot said in a mock voice.

"Out!" Damon screamed.

"Fine, fine." he stood and left.

Damon walked over and sat next to me I scooted away from him he put his arm around me and I stiffened. His eyes were pink. I relaxed and scooted close to him. I put my head on his chest and cried. He smoothed my hair over and over whispering sweet nothings to my ear. "I'm sorry So sorry. I'll never let anything happen to you again."

he carried me back to the bed and got in with me. He took of his shirt and laid with me. I stiffened again. "You're okay I won't hurt you."

he wrapped both arms around me I cried more. I had almost been raped. He kept reassuring me and it made me feel a little better. I was getting tired. I welcomed the darkness.


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