Part I : Chapter 4 (unedited)

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"So Bryan, what up?"

Tekkai looked at him coldly but since his eyes were hidden behind his hairs, the boy didn't know that. 

Just what the hell were they doing? If they wanted to hit him or extort money from him, why wasting time about asking his life?

"Shut the fuck up." He said coldly. He was going to be hit, so let's not waste time. He still hadn't figured out how to get into the best university so he didn't have time for their nonsense. What the point of hearing nice words if he was going to get hit? 

"Hey bro, why are you talking like this to us?" The boy, Tanaka Masato, frowned at his friend behaviour. They didn't do anything so why did he talk to them like that? 

"..." Tekkai didn't change his look, he still looked at them coldly. It was a good situation to use, they were bullying him so he tried to defend himself. He could at the same time test this body strength and not get into prison. It was killing two birds with one stone. 

"Bryan? Yui? I-" Masato was going to ask his friend if he was alright but before he got the chance to do, he was pulled up by his tie and felt difficult to breath. 

"Look at me closely, just who the hell do you think I am? Do you think I am some pushover? If you want to hit then be a man and hit me without beating around the bush." 

Masato tried to free himself but couldn't no matter how strength he put. Was Yui so strong before?

"Yui! Release him! Just what the hell happened to you?!" Just what was their friend talking about?

Tekkai was going to tell him to call him Tekkai and not with that stupid name. But he was beat by a nurse. "Mister Shungai Yui, your guardian is here." She smiled coquettishly at him. It was the same woman who was afraid of him two days ago.    

Guardian? He should have quit that place yesterday instead of waiting for some clothes. Anyway, no need to think about it. "Thanks miss nurse." He looked at the boys coldly, since they were going to the same school, he will see them soon. At that time he could teach them a lesson. 

"Anyway, see you next time Yui. We will talk again will be better." One of them said and quickly took the others.

Aren't you a man? So why are you afraid whether there are people looking at you hitting me?

Tekkai ignored them and looked at the nurse, "Where is my guardian?"

"Young Master Yui, Master is waiting for you outside." Instead of the nurse's soft voice, Tekkai heard a man voice. 

Master? Great. I should have know. Two men? If fighting was impossible then he could always jump from the window. 

The nurse bent and whispered to him with a seductive voice, "I didn't know you have such a sexy brother. If I had know, maybe we could do something together."

Tekkai wasn't a bit interested at what she said. He was more interested by the word brother. Then, if they were brothers, shouldn't the brother be here instead of the bodyguards? Seemed like their family was complicated just like in the drama that one if his friends used to watch. 

Seeing that he didn't react to her words, the nurse left the room angrily. 

"Young Master, do you have something that you need us to carry for you?"

"No need." There was books inside the bad and if the brother tried to kill him just like in those movies and that body was useless, several books together weren't useless at all. At a quick speed, they could knock someone. "Just bring me something hot to drink." First he would throw the hot drink to the brother face then knock him out and then quickly jump from the car. Since they were bodyguards they will sit at the front and when he will do it, the time they react and braked, he would have the time to run away. He was more confident in the hot drink and the bag than this body strength.  

"Hot drink?" The two bodyguards looked at him oddly. Since when did Young Master Yui liked to drink something hot? And since when did he become that cold headed? 

"Don't you understand what I am saying or you don't want to obey the order? Aren't my family paying you for you to serve me?"

They flinched at the words but quickly regained their senses. This was Young Master Yui, what is there to be afraid?! Furthermore, with this haircut, he just looked like a lost child than anything. "Of course not. We will bring you some hot drink."

"A big one."

"A big one." The bodyguard repeated and left the room to fulfil his Young Master wish. 

Tekkai took his clothes and went to the bathroom to change himself. Fortunately he was prepared, he took the fork and knife that he hid in the bathroom and hid them behind his clothes. The butter knife wasn't so much a use but a fork, when using it with a big force could make someone bleed. Furthermore he also took a bandage and put it around his hand, when needed he could strangle someone. When he will splash the brother with a hot drink and knock him out with his bag, he could strangle the driver and the other bodyguard would be at loss for a moment because of the sudden breaking.

"Let's go." Tekkai said and took the school bag.

"Young Master, what about your clothes?"

Tekkai looked at those awful and hideous clothes with disgust, "Throw them away. Don't let me see them. Never again."

Wasn't that your favourite clothes Young Master? But they were only some employees while he was the boss, so how could they question him?

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