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Song: Lurk by The Neighborhood

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Song: Lurk by The Neighborhood


"It's out of my budget."

"It's only six hundred dollars."

"It's out of my budget."

"But look at the dedicated RAM!"

"Diane," I grab her face between my hands, nearly resting my forehead against hers, "it's. out. of. my. budget."

She rolls her eyes, "Fine, get lower graphics then."

We're pacing around BestBuy, looking for the perfect computer for me before her hot date with her hot not-yet-girlfriend. Sometimes I wonder whether people actually think that she and I are dating, after all we link elbows a lot and there was that very close thing I just did with our faces, but even with the random stares we get, I don't feel awkward around Diane. Maybe because we know we're not each other's types, or the fact that our personalities are so alike it would be weird to think of each other that way.

"It's not all about graphics." I chid her,

"I never said it was," she pushes past me, "it's just important in general, how are you going to marathon new shows if it looks like you're watching something straight out of Super Nintendo. "

"Hey those were good games."

"Did you even get to play them, child?"

"Of course I did, you old woman."

She shoots me a dirty look, and I simply raise my hands, outwards, to show her I am ready to fight right here right now in the middle of the Microsoft section of the store.

"Whatever, then what's your price range?" We had already discussed this, but she wasn't happy with the answer I gave her because according to her, nothing under three hundred dollars was really worth it and would possibly die within the year. I firmly believe that if I take care of something it should last me a couple of good years though, and two hundred and fifty dollars was my cutoff range.

"I'm not getting anything over three hundred." I say, bumping her away from the laptop she's staring at, the card next to it clearly stating that it's a hundred and thirty dollars away from my price.

"You're gonna kill me, woman."

"I know," I wink, "that's why you like me."

We left BestBuy without getting anything, not like I was planning on getting something today, I still need another week before my paycheck, and I haven't told my parents that I will be getting a new laptop to begin with. It's not like I need their permission, but it will arise questions if I just arrive with a box and I haven't discussed it with them. They want me to make good financial decisions, as impossible as that is.

"How's your brother by the way?" I ask, putting on my seatbelt as Diane starts hercar. The engine comes alive with a little of a strain, sending vibrations over the whole vehicle once it's actually on.

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