Part I : Chapter 2

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The nurse saw the man moving."Mr Shungai Yui?"

"Hum." The man moved around. Although she couldn't see it since his face was covered by his hairs, she could still guess from his reaction. He wasn't happy at all to get disrupted.

"Mister Shungai Yui?" The nurse asked again in a small voice as she saw him waking up.

"Hm...." A young man slowly waking up. It has been a long time since he had such a good sleep. He had a good sleep but why did he felt he has longer hair? Don't tell him he was in the coma for several years? And why the fuck does this woman keep calling him Shungai Yui?

He suddenly got up from the bed.

Because he was never been the kind to brush around the bush, he asked, "Who is Shungai Yui?"

"It's you."


Are you kidding me?

"Yes sir!" She answered as she frowned at the question. Did he get amnesia from the wound?

Who the fuck is this Shungai Yui?! Did they happens to have the same face? And that why they are mistaking him for that unknown guy? Then, shouldn't he make a use of this situation? He wouldn't need to pay his hospital fees, would he? But there is only one way to make sure of this supposition.

"Sir?" As she lowered down, and he grabbed her book and saw all of the information he needed to know.

What? Suicide? What the fuck is happening?

Because he was too much busy, he didn't notice the foreign hair colour on his head. As he looked down to check his body, he saw his hairs falling down in a colour that he never had in his life. Blon-Blonde?! Why the fuck was he blond? Long hair?

"Wait, who the fuck is Yui Shungai?" He asked indifferently. She still didn't answer him.

"'s you..." When she first saw him she thought he was just a pushover ,but now that she heard him, she was scared. Even though he had asked in a calm tone and didn't show any emotion on his face, she knew that inside he was filled with anger. She didn't how, but she just knew. Maybe it was because of her field of work, or the people around her but she knew. That man...was the most dangerous man she ever met in her life.

Then he suddenly remembered something;"For saving my son's life and taking your life, I can give you another life. I can send you to another body where the soul has decided to disappear."

Did he become a girl? Hechecked his upper and lower body.

He signed in relief when he saw that he was still a boy. That was the only positive point.

But suicide? Long hair? Homosexual? Bullying? No future? No hope? No money? He would have been better as dead! ARGGGGGG GIVE ME A MIRROR!

He was going to cut himself! He would rather die than be in this guy's body any longer!

ARGGG! He grabbed his hands and shacked it.

Because he was agitated, the nurse had to grab his left arm. The calmer he became, the scared she got.

She didn't know why, but he suddenly calmed down once she touched him. But she immediately took her hand off as she felt him looking at her.

Oh, right, that guy tried to kill himself, he must feel awkward to be touched, she tried to comfort herself.

But she didn't know what to do, so once she saw that he wouldn't budge she quickly went off to call a doctor. She didn't want to stay one second longer in this room alone with this guy.

As for him, he was still in the same position. He was still looking at his before left arm. There wasn't any cicatrice.

What kind of idiot was he? He was the one who said yes to the crazy guy, so who was him blaming? He only had himself to blame.

"Ahhh." He put his head back and breath in. Then he lowered his head back as breath out.

He never saw a need to feel something. If one were to be angry or sad, would it change anything? No. Let's say, someone stole him money, if he cry or get angry, would the thief come back? No. If he shouted, would anyone save him? No, that only happen in movies. Then there wasn't any need for him to feel anything about the situation. If he ever scored a thief, not that he did in his past life, all he had to do was to not waste time and chase after the thief. Then, he just had to beat the thief up, which mean breaking his arms or legs so he wouldn't steal anymore.

All he ever cared was to have a better life, to go from rags to the top.

He was now feeling ashamed of himself. Why did he get so much overworked for such a trivial thing? Let's just get to know the guy.

Shungai Yui.

Why didn't they have a photo of the guy?


It must have been by medicine since he didn't feel bad anywhere.

15 years old.

So he regressed by two years?

Live in Kyoto? Kyoto Hospital?

At least since he was far away from where he was originally from, there wasn't any need to worry to meet them. And it had already been three days so his body must had been buried. And everyone would had already forgot everything about him.

He signed as he closed the medical book. He only needed to know the essential information, he wasn't a doctor so the others information wouldn't mean anything to him. And it's not like he could have understand their meaning. He wasn't a doctor.

"Mister Yui!"

He turned his head toward the man who had shouted his name.

"Are you alright?" Seemed like he ran on his way come here.

It was just his luck to get these kind of doctors. Because the doctor was a good guy, he wouldn't let him go home unless he met his guardian.

But he didn't want to meet any of this body's family. Since he didn't know anything about them, he wasn't prepared to counterattack if they were to attack him. And this body seemed to be unreliable. Well, the body was -for him- a bullied guy so it was to be expected.

But the body didn't seem to have a family, otherwise they would have been there when he woke up. So he was abandoned?

No wait, then how could he stay quietly in the hospital without an officer to trouble him to pay the hospital fees. Should he leave tonight? No, the hospital room looked like a VIP room, so that mean someone is paying for the body? A master? A sugar mummy? No, this body was definitely a virgin so these last options were out. So who is backing him?

Then he looked around him and saw the nurse, he smirked at the view of her body. He found plan B.

Although it seemed to take a long time, it was actually only a few seconds. He was just quick to adapt at the situation.

Well, he will make a decision after he learns more about the body's situation. He should make sure about his financial situation first.

He always succeed in everything he chose to do.

He wasn't anyone but Kiyoshi Tekkai.

He was the Great Tekkai.

He was Tekkai. 

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