" forbidden fruit "

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After the week had slowly gone by, it was finally the weekend. Zoey and I sat in the pizza parlor along with the usual crew. As a way of making us get back on better terms, Tevin and Zoey forced Kyla and I to sit a table together. We both sat in silence just glaring at each other. I sipped my Pepsi and Kyla bit into her piece of cheese pizza. I glanced over at Zoey and he gave me a stern look, pointing to Kyla. I rolled my eyes and sat my Pepsi down, rubbing my hands against my skirt.

"Soooooo," I sat back in my chair, crossing my arms. "If we're gonna have some type of friendship, I feel like you owe me an apology for all the shit you've put me through."

"Well, I guess I'm sorry for bullying you or whatever." She said while looking down at her nails.

"That shit doesn't sound very sincere to me." I raised an eyebrow. "I think you treat me the way you do because you're just a jealous bitch. Your grades suck, and I have the highest GPA out of everyone in our grade. You have an unfailthful boyfriend who flirts with every girl in the school in front of your face while my boyfriend is always by my side and ain't messing with nobody else!"

Kyla's face shifted into an angry look and in one swift movement, she splashed her cup of red punch in my face. I immediately stood up and punched her. Before things could go any further, Tevin and Zoey ran over as people started looking in our direction. Zoey grabbed my waist and held me back and Tevin did the same for Kyla. I squirmed around in Zoey's arms, trying my best to get at her.

"Aye chill out Savannah!" He shouted, tightening his grip on my waist. "Fighting her ain't gone fix a damn thing!"

"You chill too Kyla!" Tevin let go of her. "In here acting like yo momma and teach you no home training!"

"Oh shut the hell up you bastard!" She screamed, tears of anger running down her face. "Now I know why girls whisper whenever we walk past them! You're nothing but a dirty cheater!"

Zoey and I watched her storm out with Tevin running behind her. Zoey finally let go off me and handed me a few napkins to clean off my face. I groaned in frustration disliking the feeling of being sticky.

"Can you take me to your house since its close?" I sighed. "I need to take a shower."

He nodded and threw some money down on the table, paying for the pizza. A few minutes later, we pulled up to his house. I had only been over a couple of times, during the times where he needed me as his tutor. I walked inside and went straight down the hall to the bathroom. I spent 45 minutes scrubbing my body clean and washing my hair. When I got out, I wrapped a towel around myself and went to Zoey's room. He was laying down on the bed, texting on his phone.

After covering my body in some lotion, I put on a spare pair of panties and a bra that I had left over his house from the last time I spent the night. Afterwards, I pulled one of his hockey jerseys over my head and pulled my hair up into a bun. I flopped down on the bed next to Zoey and laid on his chest as he started to slowly rub my side.

"You such a fighter now." He said quietly, chuckling afterwards.

"I guess I get it from you." I giggled. "But anyways, where do you picture our relationship being once high school is over?"

"Well, honestly baby I can see us still being together." He locked his phone and sat it by him. "You'll be in college being the smart ass you are, and I'll be somewhere hustling."

"You don't wanna go to college Zo?" I furrowed my eyebrows. "Don't you wanna get a good job?"

"Vannah, me and you both know I ain't smart enough for that college shit. Ima just hang with my niggas, make music, and support you." He said to me.

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