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Ron’s POV

“Hella hangover?” I laughed, hovering over Aana’s limp body.  Her mouth slightly lifted in the corners and she managed to make a nod. Lottie had brought her back to hers yesterday night then called us this morning to come over. She also enlightened us about that dickface Joe. I didn’t know where I was at with Aana, but I knew she would get over what happened quickly. She never was one to keep a grudge. Sure I was angry too, but I also realise I was being naïve; giving somebody I didn’t know something so precious.

“RON, IS SHE AWAKE?” Lottie screamed from the stairs.

“Yep kind of!” I replied, sitting on the edge of the bed and scrolling through twitter. I realised I didn’t even know Sean’s last name, so trying to find him was quite the challenge. Luckily for me I was following Mark so that made my task a lot easier.

Sean Laison - Paralympic Basketball Player – Chicks Dig Me

I scoffed at his stupid big headed bio and continued to read his tweets. By the looks of it he bloody tweets every second. After every tweet I read it made me feel worse, knowing I was just a quick fuck. I should have known better.

Quick bangs are the best

I don’t do relationships, especially after that bitch.

Training is killing me, no time for the girls.

Scored at a club, you’re on it Sean!

@JoeLuxtonOfficial Have you scored with that cute girl with the killer ass? I fucked her friend, point to me? I think so Joe. Pay up.

I realised I had an enough of reading his stupid tweets, god I would love to kill the bastard. God I was so stupid, it just hit me that we were a bet. God, Aana would be so pissed. Lottie had told us about Joe but he actually seems concerned when he went looking for her? Maybe he still wanted a chance at the bet, hence why he went looking for her yesterday. Just as I was about to click on Joe, Lottie walked in, holding a massive tray with Gabby trailing behind her. I was still engrossed in my phone so I didn’t realise Aana was creeping up to me. I turned to her raising an eyebrow and giving her a weak smile.

“What’s got you so shook?” Aana asked, glancing at Lottie then back at me.

“Oh nothing. Anyway, I’m sorry about what happened. I realise now I was being silly.” I frowned.

“It’s fine, I over reacted. Don’t blame yourself for the bar, it wasn’t you.” She grinned, enveloping me in a hug. I squeezed into her arms then backed out within seconds. She looked much happier but at the same time the sadness was clearly present.

“Glad that’s sorted; anyway, I made breakfast because I’m amazing.” Lottie chirped, bouncing onto the bed and signalling to gabby to get the tray from the desk.

“Coffee and beans on toast?” I questioned, eyeing the plate. Lottie must be happy; Aana literally lived for this breakfast.

“Lottie, I would marry you if Nate didn’t get you first!” Aana grinned, sending a blow kiss her way. I laughed at her relationship with food. Although she could be a total girl, there was no saying she wasn’t a complete slob who loved food and movies.  “My head is freaking killing me, how much did I drink?” She said in shock, shaking her head.

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