~Chapter Nine~

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I arrived at work extra early. I woke up in the middle of the night, unable
to fall back to sleep. At first, I laid there and finally I got up. I stubbed my
toe getting out of bed before sunrise. I wanted to yell from the pain. But I
didn't want to awaken the sleeping household or especially, my sleeping nephew,
Baby Colin.

I bit my tongue, and hopped around on one foot to the shower. I must really have
a lot of stress. I'm thinking about our finances at Carrington Enterprises, and how to start seeing gains, instead of losses.

I also couldn't stop thinking about, Sabine. I can't remember enjoying a
woman's company so much on a non-date. She was so vulnerable, and
heartbroken last night. But she was beautiful, and I felt a magnetic pull to her,
like I've never imagined possible. Her dark eyes, expressed a deep sadness.

I thoroughly scrutinized her through different eyes, and saw someone worth
getting to know better. She has a depth to her that I didn't appreciate before
last night. I wear a mask to hide my insecurities, and self esteem issues. I get
the feeling that at times she masks hers too.

I realize that I had better tread carefully with her, before I get in way too deep.

I poured a cup of coffee before walking into my office, and eyed Sabine at her desk, "Good morning. How did you slip past me?" I raised one eyebrow up at her, with a quirk on my lips.

"You looked deeply contemplative, so I quietly slipped to my desk. I didn't want to disturb you." She wrinkled her forehead, while examining a spreadsheet.

"I do have a lot on my mind, I'm playing with some ideas. When you have a free moment, I'd like to get your opinion." I sat down absentmindedly in a chair near her desk.

She looked puzzled, as I was empty handed, "Aren't your figures on your desk? Not that you have to leave. You're welcome to sit here at my desk."

"Don't mind me, I'm still waking up." I offered a simple smile.

She returned my smile, "I didn't sleep well either. I can join you in your office now, and look at your ideas." Her eyes glowed with interest.

"That would be perfect." I said with an emphasis and winked.


So, he did remember telling me I looked perfect last night. . . My heart started to make sudden movement, and my insides were fluttering. I stood frozen in place for a few seconds, trying to figure out my next statement.

Just then my cellphone ringing saved me, "Hello? I'm very busy right now, Skyler. Can I give you an answer later today? Okay, thanks." I was short with him.

I placed my cellphone in my suit jacket, "That was Skyler inviting me to dinner tonight. He wants to explain the whole Astrid thing to me, and see if he and I have a future?" I grimaced at Shayne.

"Oh, are you going?" He stood there sipping his coffee, like my answer really mattered.

"I don't know what to do," I answered apprehensively. I couldn't look at him, I didn't want to see the expression on his face.

He nonchalantly changed the subject, "Let me show you the new ideas that I have, before I present them."

I wondered what he really thought about me and Skyler, after what happened yesterday?


We spent the morning in Shayne's office going over his Proposal. He was going to present it to the Board, later this afternoon. I loved his ideas and I found that I loved conversing with him, as well. We danced around the elephant in the room, of our non-date last night.

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