Concert ends early

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Gajeel POV

We ran out the door and we seen the saber jerks running with bodybags... WAIT BODYBAGS "there is no way there getting away with them." Natsu says and takes off after them so we do the same we all use our magic, we only use it during emergencies same with the girls all music artists in fiore have magic for self defence. Natsu and i go dragon slayer mode. but we've already fought other dragon slayers like i fought rogue when we were kids since we are brothers.

But i consumed some of his shadow dragon magic so im an iron shadow dragon slayer. And Natsu fought his cousin Laxus and consumed his lightning.
So he's a lightning fire dragon slayer

Gray POV

"ICE CANNON" i yelled using my ice demon slayer magic which Lyon had countered with a ice barrier which Natsu soon melted. For Jellal to hit them with his blast of light. But the light was blocked by rogues shadow dragon magic. Next thing i seen was rogue getting pulled into the ground by Gajeel in iron shadow dragon mode. "Screw this" i hear Lyon say as he casts a snowy mist for them to make an escape,but they left the bags... and rogue because Gajeel had him against the wall trying to get the bag. "Why do you want my food Gaj."
"FOOD,LEVY ISNT FOOD YOU IDIOT." "No we had Hibiki transport the girls to our individual houses strapped to our beds the bags were full of food from Ur's resturant. But you guys don't know where we live." Rogue goes shadow and leaves. I thought for a minute and said "I know where Lyon lives since we are adoptive brothers." "Thats true ice boy and i know where Rogue lives cause were brothers too."

Natsu POV

"But sting has Lucy and i don't know where he lives." Go home and relax flame brain and take Jellal with you we'll handle this." "Yeah salamander we'll bring her back to ya." "You better ice queen and metal head." And with that me and Jallal left and ran into Lisanna and Ultear and next thing i know were back at the mansion and we take the girls to our separate rooms and little did i know is we would regret what happens next.

Sorry for the short chapter but hope you like it

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