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Shawn has been the sweetest its actually adorable. He's being taking me on dates and we recently found out that we are expecting a baby mendes, tbh shawns reaction was ecstatic it was the best thing i have ever seen.

"Babe i need to tell you something" i nodded signaling for him to continue "i have to go on tour for a year " oh was all i could say "im really sorry i have to i need to work soo i get money to pay for you and our baby" i smiled at how he thought

"I understand i am going to miss you alot and i mean a lot but you do what you love because it make you happy and thats all ok i love you" his face lit up with joy "i love you to thankyou for understanding" he leaned in and smashed our lips together

"Soo when do you leave"i asked "in 2days" shock came over my face "oh ok"

8 months later

"Skayler shall we call dada" i asked our 3 day year old daughter - i picked up my phone and facetimed him he didnt answer i called him again he still didnt answer i go on instagram to see he posted a pic with that camila ohh great . i chcuk my phone down onto the sofa and the door bell rang.

I picked up skylar and walked to the door i was shocked to soo shawn. "Hey baby im back"he said i hugged him and smashed my lips on to his "we missed you soo much" he picks up skylar out of my arms.

"Ive missed you both im never leaving again" he chuckled

Hey sorry i didnt know how tdo end this tell me what you think ly guys ~n❤💚💜💙💛💙💜💚❤

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