act like you love me

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Y/n pov

I feel as if me and shawn are becoming distant i dont know what to do about it i have tried to get close but it all crumbles. Its really heart breaking i love him to bits- what if hes cheating what if he doesn't love me anymore?

I was broke from thoughts when i heard the front door slam shut- in walked shawn , he looked exhausted "hey babe you look tired do you want to go to bed"i asked "no listen i think we should finish i dont love you anymore i love someone else" those words broke me.

"Why shawn why what should i tell our child, oh yeh your daddy dosnt love us anymore" i shout he looks down-i scoff and made my way upstairs. I sat down on the bed ballwing my eyes out.

I felt to strong arms wrap around me. I pushed them of me and punched him repeatedly on the chest. "Shawn please stay with me one more night please just act like you love me you can leave when im asleep but just please do it for me" he nodded

We went to bed-shawn wrapped his arms around me and i felt safe. My eyelids became heavier and heavier till i was in deep sleep.


I love her but not the way i used to. I watched her as she fell asleep in my arms for the last time- i snuck out of her grip and went to our y/d/n room "hey baby im going now im not coming back just know that dady loves you and he will always have a place in his heart for you" i plant a gentle kiss on her head and walked out.

I walked down the stairs and made them breakfast. I walked up the stairs for the last time i packed my bags and gave y/n a kiss on her cheek and head.i wrote a note and placed it down next to breakfast and with that i left.


I woke up,and as i had guessed shawn was gone everything of his was gone- i walked down stairs to cook breakfast for y/d/n. But as i got down stairs there was breakfast, i walked over to it and there laid a note- which read

Dear y/n and y/d/n
I just wanted to say sorry
I love you both truly
I dont love you as much
My new family
I made you two breakfast
I love you both
Goodbye x ~shawn

Reading that broke my heart, but he did what i wanted and now its goodbye


Hey hope you like it this is based of the song 'act like you love me' when i found out the reasons ages ago i always wanted to do one of theses but i didnt have time soo 2 years later here i am soo yeh ly guys ~n❤💚💜💙💛💙💜💚

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