Ch. 14 Grimmjow?

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To be honest I don't know what Grimmjow been up to lately is he still sleeping with other woman? A month has gone by and he hasn't even showed up to school either. Sometimes I worry a little too much for him. It was lunch time and Donna then announce,

"My Sister is having bachelor party tonight anyone want to join us at a male strip club?"

I was doing nothing I guess I deserve a girls night out sort of thing. So I reply,

"I'll join you"

"Great I'll pick you up at 8"

I arrive home and I ask my mom,

"Have you seen Grimmjow?"

she reply as she put up the dishes,

"He told me he was working"

"Working? Working in what?"

"He didn't say. But he said he's winning good bucks"

"Mmm oddly unusual from him, well mom tonight I'm going to a strip club mom"


I got sexified as the time got near, Donna call that she was outside my house already. As I step out the door I saw a limousine and from the ceiling pop up Donna screaming,

"Woohoo get in girl the party is inside"

I smile and rush in the limousine. I saw her family as I greet them and I took a seat. It took a whole hour to get to the club. Donna's sister, Sherry then talk about a bit over the club we're going,

"Oh my god, there's this mask guy with no name and his a new comer. They say his better than magic mike from that movie".

When we arrive the place seem exotic. Expensive. We sat in our reserve section front row seats. The show begin with some group dancing with costumes. Woman shriek and got wet, I admit it was exiting. Then the bartender tap my shoulder saying,

"The Anaconda sent you this shot"

I thought it was a misunderstanding so I said back,

"I'm not the bride"

"We know that. He sent it specifically to you"

"Where is he?"

"He's in the back getting ready"

"Tell him i said thanks"

I think I seen enough movies to know that people pour stuff in your drinks. I just spill it somewhere. Then through the microphone they announce,

"Now ladies get ready to see La Pantera!!!!!"

Sherry then exclaim,

"This is the guy I was talking about"

He was masked as she said and wearing a fedora he remind me of Zorro, a lot of thigh, abs, butt, and hip movement. Things got a bit too hot so he began to tear up his clothes. His sweaty body grind against the pole going up and down only in his tong. Like a rock and roller he slide down the catwalk, he raise his face and he froze when he saw my face, those eyes look familiar. As soon as he pick up his cash and have me his back while walking away I saw the number 6 tattoo on his back. I then thought to myself confuse,


Then the announcer introduce the next dancer,

"The moment you been waiting for .....Anaconda!"

A tan well built man with seductive eyes wearing a sexy safari adventurer came out dancing, more screams and tossing money as he took off his pants and started shoving his crouch close to women face. I soon caught his stare. Anaconda took out the whip he had and did that Indiana Jones things where he use to whip to bring the girl. I bump right into and he pick me up bridal style and whip onto some pipe in the ceiling and we sling into the curtains. He carry me into his changing room, I was a bit nervous was going on. He sat me down on a bed and he had this Australian accent when he said,

"You're a beautiful wild flower, so rare in beauty. What's your name baby girl?"

I blush a bit, I then reply

"That's sweet of you. My name is (____)"

he grab my hand and kiss.

"When I saw you I knew I must have you. So will go out with me sometime for a fancy dinner?"

"Sir I'm underage I could get you in trouble"

"Love is ageless, and some things are worth the risk baby"

"Why are you calling me baby?"

"The real question is why are you avoiding to answer my proposal?"

"I don't know"

"What troubles you? Is there another?"

"Well kinda...."

"Who is he? Why hasn't he claim you?"

He kiss me by surprise, I slap him

"What do you think you're doing?"

I felt a sharp pain in my thigh and I saw it was a needle fill with a liquid. I felt getting numb and weak.

"The more you resist the more I want you"

"What are you going to do to me?"

"I'm going to show you why they call me Anaconda"

He pull down my underwear and pull out his manhood and tease me until I got wet. Right when he was going to insert La Pantera busted in, and punch his face growling,

"Get off my girl!"

Anaconda back off and apologize,

"I'm sorry I didn't know she with you"

"Don't ever lay a finger on her, don't even look at her, and not even have a dirty thought or I'll gonna kick your ass"

"Fuck, I get it"

We left, and La Pantera took off his mask saying to me,

"(____) is me Grimmjow"

I gave him a blank face, and reply

"I kinda knew it was you"

"What gave it away?"

"Your tattoo"

He soon take me home while I fly behind his back, and something bother me so I ask

"Did you mean it? When you said get off my girl"

It took him a while to answer but shortly after he said,

"A course not, is a way guys will stop trying to rape you cause I have to save your ass each time"

"Oh wow"

I was at my room I felt dirty so I took off my clothes, Grimmjow quickly cover his eyes

"Hey couldn't you have warn me?"

"Why does it bother you? You practically seen my body each time you save me"

"But not all at once"

"Sorry well I'm taking a shower, good night"

to be continue...

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