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"Okay, guys, just keep your eyes open and stay close," I said to Briana and Shelly.

They both looked at me with wide eyes. So young and already thrown into a major situation. I'd never been through a full-out attack on TLC Agents before, either. Never even heard of one, but regardless, we had to find out what was happening and who was still alive.

"Where is this movie theatre and lookout Six?" Tom asked.

"Head straight here on Main Street to the light. Take a left, it's a few blocks down on your right."

"Let's check on the other stations first, where the attacks were," Tom said.

I nodded and looked for cars, then hurried across the street. Tom's vest held three knives, then, around his thigh, the holster held four more. I could have been his twin since I'd loaded up heavy on the weaponry as well. Thankfully the office had extra black, long sleeved clothing, because the two girls behind me had nearly glowing skin it was so white. But, the sun would be up soon and our weapons would draw attention.

Hopefully we found some demons fast.

I glanced back. Shelly shifted her thigh holster. She'd had too many lacerations on her arms to have her wear one around her arm, so, she had a small vest on, which held two knives. Not that she knew how to use them extremely well yet, I just hoped. Hell, she'd gotten me good in the shoulder.

Briana looked more comfortable in her fatigues as she strode down the sidewalk. She turned toward Shelly and grabbed her hand. "Come on, keep up."

Shelly's green eyes flickered. "Where are we going?"

"Doesn't matter, just follow Dakota's lead. They're the Melace and Patronus, that's all that matters."

I glanced at Tom, and he winked. Sean's face flashed in my head and sadness claimed my heart for a brief minute. He'd seemed so crazed out in front of the dorms the previous night, and now, we hadn't heard from him, either.

"Go left, and lookout Two is this way. That's where Shelly was," I said.

"Good place to start. You said lookout One was the other place hit?"

"Yep, I scrolled down on my phone and looked at the 911s. Lookouts Two and One were compromised."

"Farthest ones away?" Tom arched an eyebrow.

"Away from what?"

"From our dorm."

I nodded. Crap, that probably meant this was all planned around me and Tom. Strike farthest away, leaving it just us at the dorms.

Even if we had gotten a 911 out, we were a distance away other than the few Agents that might have been at the main office or monitoring the campus.

A quick scan of the area showed me several quiet stores lined up close to one another, except the bakery. It sat separate and puffs of white plumed into the air from the side where a truck was parked. Probably the flour needed for baking the pastries. Behind it and around the next block was lookout Two.

By the looks of the flaming red and orange bouncing off the few clouds, that dared to battle the sun, it would rise soon. We'd probably lost our window to grab a demon.

"Not every demon needs the cover of darkness," Tom said

"I know, but I'm just worried we've missed our chance." Tom squeezed my hand. "Okay, let's hustle, it's around this corner."

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