5. Prisoners Cook -4 - O- 9

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"I raped about four women." The man nonchalantly shrugs and I clench my teeth.

Its your job ocean, remain calm.

"And why. . did you do that?" I question.

"Because I wanted to." He says in a duh tone.

"Did you ever for a moment think about what it did to them?"

"Sometimes, but they all had cute sisters so-"

"Okay, I can't do this. You are a piece of scum under everyone's foot. You think you're above the law just because they're letting you out? I swear I would frame you for rape just to send your little disrespectful self back to jail." I stand, bending to his ears. "You are nothing, and you'll always be nothing."

× × ×

The guard gave me a questioning look but I waved him off. I called the agency earlier and told them they needed to give me a new client because I couldn't do it.

I sat on the familiar public bench, a vanilla ice cream in my hand.

I was on my third lick when and image of Trevor came to mind.

"Stop that." I hiss at myself, and a young couple stared at me like I was mad.

I ignored them.

Every time I licked the image would get worse and it was irritating. Finally I was done, and the bus pulled over, signing in relief, I get home, ready to be engulfed by my warm bed.


My door was already opener when I got in. That's a bad sign.

Usually it was just Dain, so I just sighed loudly before pushing the door open.

As soon as my eyed land on the figure I scream and he yelps also throwing the box of cereal all over him and onto the ground.

"What is it?" I gape at Trevor.

"What're you doing in my apartment?!" I shriek and he blinks.

"I. . live here now?" He furrows his eyebrows and my eyes drift to his shirtless body.

His abs were soo, defined, disappearing with a V into his usual cotton shorts.


"Huh?" I blink back at him. "Oh right. . . roommate?" I question and he shrugs.

"I wasn't aware either." Well thanks fate. "I'll replace your cereal." He says innocently picking it up and I shake my head. Already having enough of this day.

"Its fine, I'm just. . I'm just going to go to my room." I walk towards it and he stops me.

"Is this a problem? I mean I could find somewhere else." He asks, concern written all over his face.

"No, no! Its okay I promise I'm just tired." I force a smile before leaving.

Well, I live in the same house a murderer.

What could go wrong?

× × ×

My phone rang at 4 am.

"Trevor?" I groan as I notice the caller ID.

"Where's the towels?" I roll my eyes.

"Why didn't you just wali to my room?"

"I didn't want to disturb you." He says And I give an imaginary person a flat face.

"Its in the cupboards in the bathroom." I say already falling asleep.

"Alright, thanks." He hangs up and I drop my face into the pillow, ready to fall asleep.

The next morning I was so tired. I felt drained in every way.
I was sighing every ten seconds. I pull on the red pencil skirt, throwing a black and white polka dot chiffon shirt and some red flats before heading for the kitchen.

He was shirtless again.

I clear my throat to avoid the thoughts in my mind and he turns to face me. He gives me a small smile and I return it.

"You look exhausted." He says and I nod.

"I am." Realizing that Dain hasn't called for the past two days. That was new.

"Take a day off then." He suggest placing a plate of the best smelling eggs and toast I have ever seen.

"Thanks. I can't, I just started this job."

"Do you like it?"

"I wanted to become a therapist, not exactly for criminals, but for people who were hurt." I throw my eyes downcast as I get ready to tell him the sappy part. "My professor told me I couldn't do that because I wasn't at that level and I could never reach it." I clear my throat losing my appetite and I can see his veins through his knuckles as his grips on the fork tightens.

'Do you remember his name?" He asks softly.

"How can I forget? Professor James Henderson." I stand, grabbing my bag.

"Well, I gotta go. You're good right?"

"Yea. . . I'll see you later." He says and I nod.

"And Ocean?" I stop to look at him. "Don't let people who are stuck in classrooms for the rest of their life, destroy your dreams of not being like them."

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