Chapter #11: Surprise!

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"Just give me one more minute!" I plead as I harshly some moisturizer onto my legs.

Evan was irritatingly enough- tapping a beat onto my bathroom door with his fists as I leaned over the sink, making sure my face was done up all nice and pretty. Bad idea- because I still had cream all over my hands. Darn my legs for being so dry. I groan, scrubbing my hands under the tap. I was in such a rush that when the hot water hits my skin, I scream out in shock. The water felt hot on my skin, like many other times it had.

Many other times that shouldn't have happened. Hot water makes my blood boil and I pull back, leaning over the sink. I turn off the hot tap, and turn on the cold water, cooling my skin briefly. I had never felt the need to look so perfect before- even if I was going out with my own boyfriend. I was far too excited, and a case of my excitement is forgetting which tap was cold, and which one was hot.

"Peyton, what is going on in there?" Evan shouts from outside the door and I stifle my laughter.

"Nothing! I'm fine! I'm okay, I swear."

I didn't want to over due it since it probably wasn't a fancy dinner- considering it just hit 11 o'clock, but I wanted to look good. I decided to go with an animal print maxi dress that was a soft, sheer material. Veronica encouraged me to wear it from her closet and it was partially out of my comfort zone- I hadn't really worn something like it. It felt so light on me, almost like I was naked. Sadly, I wasn't actually naked.

I couldnt't lie though, it was stunning, yet so simple and silky. It wasn't skin tight and sat perfectly on my chest, leaving my shoulders open and vulnerable. As I quickly rub some lip balm on, I open the bathroom door exhausted and hurriedly, causing Evan to step back and look me up and down. I felt heat rush to my cheeks as his eyes raked over my body. I fold my hands together, weakly; the bracelets on my wrists clattering together.

I felt anxious under his heavy gaze, and when a grin slipped onto his lips, a smile slipped onto mine. From behind Evan, Veronica peeks over and squeals, almost falling off her bed. She runs up to me, only wearing panties of course- and ruffles my hair. She glides her hands across the silk of the dress.

"Holy, you're a hottie!" she grins, admiring her own dress.

"You're absolutely beautiful, Pey," Evan smirks and runs his hand along the back silk of my dress, making my skin feel tingle. His hands were warm, the sensation so refreshing.

"Thank you," I blush, his compliments always taking me by surprise.

I walk over to the door, and slip on some black flip flops. The dress barely touches the floor as I fix my fringe and push it behind my ear. I patiently wait for Evan to step forward and when he does, his nose almost touches mine as he stares not into my eyes- but a little above.

"Did you get your eyebrows done?" he questions, running his index finger over my brow.

"Yeah! Courtesy of Ron. You like?" I grin, giving Veronica a triumph smile.

Evan had noticed, and I couldn't help but feel so special and content. Eyebrows were a big deal, according to Veronica. I hadn't realized how much people actually paid attention to eyebrows. I hadn't noticed anything, for that matter, because I'd been so caught up in my own selfish ways and own problems, that when Veronica taught me a thing or two about eyebrows, I was overwhelmed.

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